Egerton University (EU)
MottoTransforming Lives through Quality Education
TypePublic university
ChancellorDr. Narendra Rameshchandra Raval, EBS
Vice-ChancellorProf. Isaac O. Kibwage, HSC
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Biashara kilimo road Egerton University, Kenya
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00°22′11″S 35°55′58″E / 0.36972°S 35.93278°E / -0.36972; 35.93278
Campus740 acres (300 ha)

Egerton University is a public university in Kenya.[1] It is the oldest institution of higher education in Kenya.[2]


The main campus of the university is located in Njoro, a small community approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi), southwest of the town of Nakuru.[3] This is located approximately 182 kilometres (113 mi), by road, northwest of Nairobi, the capital and largest city in Kenya.[4]


The school was founded in 1939, and was originally named Egerton Farm School.[5] It was established by a large land grant of 740 acres (3 km²) by Maurice Egerton, 4th Baron Egerton of Tatton. The school's original purpose was to prepare white European youth for careers in agriculture.[6] By 1955, the name had changed to Egerton Agricultural College. A one-year certificate course and a two-year diploma course in agriculture were offered. In 1958, Lord Egerton donated another 1,100 acres (4.5 km2) of land. Soon afterwards, the college opened its doors to people of all races from Kenya and other African countries.[6]

In 1979, with support from the Government of Kenya and USAID, the college expanded yet again, becoming part of the University of Nairobi system. In 1987, the college was recognized as a chartered public university.[7]

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University governance

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Egerton University has three campuses, one of them being a constituent college.[2]

Directorates and boards

Institutes of Egerton University


Faculties of Egerton University

The University has ten (10) faculties, subdivided into fifty three (53) academic departments offering programmes at diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels:[2]

  1. Faculty of Agriculture[31]
  2. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences[32]
  3. Faculty of Commerce[33]
  4. Faculty of Education and Community Studies[34]
  5. Faculty of Engineering and Technology[35]
  6. Faculty of Environment and Resource Development[36]
  7. Faculty of Health Sciences[37]
  8. Faculty of Law[38]
  9. Faculty of Science[39]
  10. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery[40]

Academic departments

The Academic Departments responsible for teaching and learning.

Teaching and Learning

Research departments

Administrative departments

Courses offered

The university offers many academic programs. Students can receive a three-year diploma, a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or a doctorate (PhD).[2]

In 2004, the university established a partnership with Western Michigan University that allows students to complete half of their degree at Egerton and finish their studies at WMU in a choice of computer science, engineering and business administration.[41]

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