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Eighth grade (also 8th Grade or Grade 8) is the eighth year of formal or compulsory education in the United States of America. The eighth grade is the second, third, or fourth (and typically final) year of middle school. Students in eighth grade are usually 13-14 years old. Different terms and numbers are used in other parts of the world.




North America


The "grade 8 French program" of the Ontario Dept of Education

Grade 8 typically forms a part of elementary or middle schools in Canada. In some parts of Canada (such as Newfoundland), and much of British Columbia, Grade 8 is the first year of secondary school. Students are usually 12–13 years old. In Quebec, Grade 8 is equivalent to Secondary II (French: 2e Secondaire ("2")) or Secondary Cycle 1, Year 2.

The Grade 8 mathematics curriculum in Canada usually includes either Pre-algebra or Algebra I. Occasionally, Geometry, or Algebra II are also taught in very advanced schools. In some schools, especially the ones that are witnessing the required Basic Standards Test, basic everyday "real world" mathematical skills such as check writing, money management, and geometry are taught as well.[citation needed]

United States

An "eighth grade certificate", dating from 1915 and issued in Allentown, Pennsylvania

In the United States, Eighth Grade is usually a child's eighth year of education, aside from Kindergarten and Preschool. It is often the final year of middle school. Some students take English 1 and or Algebra 1 which are high school classes.

In cultural and language curriculum, many students may opt to take a foreign language course, either for a semester or the full school year.

In the United States, American history is often the primary focus in eighth grade social studies. Other schools may also focus on other subject areas such as geography and world history.

In Mathematics, 8th graders learn about scientific notation, geometry and angles, linear equations, measurement, functions, and exponents. In Science, 8th graders are in physical science and learn about forces and motion, energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, and chemical reactions. In some schools, 8th graders may learn about the earth and space sciences such as astronomy, metereology,and geology. In English, 8th graders learn about themes, imagery, figurative language, textual evidence, analyzing sources, writing narratives, writing research reports, writing explanatory essays, writing persuasive and argumentative pieces, and compare and contrast.

In the United States, 41 states have implemented Common Core curriculum standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics in 8th grade.

Key English/Language Arts Common Core standards for 8th grade students include:[2]

Key Mathematics Common Core standards for 8th grade students include:[3]


South America

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