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El marginal
Created bySebastián Ortega
Adrián Caetano
Written byAdrián Caetano
Guillermo Salmerón
Silvina Olschansky
Nicolás Marina
Directed byLuis Ortega
Mariano Ardanaz
Javier Pérez
Alejandro Ciancio
Theme music composerSara Hebe
Opening themeEl Marginal
Country of originArgentina
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes37
Executive producerGustavo Errico
CinematographySergio Dotta
Production companyUnderground producciones
Original release
NetworkTelevisión Pública Argentina
ReleaseJune 2, 2016 (2016-06-02) –
May 4, 2022 (2022-05-04)
The Inmate

El marginal is an Argentine drama television series, starring Juan Minujín, Nicolás Furtado, Claudio Rissi, Martina Gusmán and Gerardo Romano. It awarded the Golden Martín Fierro award,[1] a Tato award, a Series Mania award and also was nominated for a Platino Award for Best Miniseries or TV series.

Series overview

In the first season, former cop Miguel Palacios is jailed at San Onofre under a fake name and a fake judicial case. His mission is to infiltrate a criminal gang of prisoners and prison guards and gather information about the daughter of a judge kidnapped by said gang.

The second season is a prequel that takes place three years before Miguel Palacios infiltrated San Onofre. Mario Borges and Juan Pablo "Diosito" Borges are sent to San Onofre where they plan to overthrow the leader of the prison, "El Sapo" Quiroga. To achieve that, they ally themselves with the "Sub-21" gang and with Patricio Salgado, a doctor with a mysterious past.

In the third season, the Borges brothers are tasked with taking care of Cristian Pardo, the son of an important businessman, who killed his friend while drunk in a car accident. While Diosito is tasked with the boy's care, the "Sub-21" joins with "Pantera" and Bruni to take down the Borges.


The series was initially aired on the Televisión Pública Argentina TV channel. It was acquired by Netflix after the end of the original run, becoming available for Latin America, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. El Marginal and Estocolmo were the first Argentine TV series acquired by Netflix, in 2016.[2]

A second season was confirmed in 2017.[3] The second series, called El Marginal II, debuted on Argentine television in July 2018 to high ratings.[4]

The third series was confirmed by Argentine production company Underground Producciones in September 2018.[5] One year later, in September 2019, the third series debuted on Netflix.[6]


The program received 8 nominations for the Martín Fierro Awards, and won for best miniseries and best writers. One of the producers thanked for the award, but criticized the organization of the nominations, as they sometimes include TV programs from very disparate genres.[1] Actor Gerardo Romano used his brief time to ask people to vote for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at the 2017 legislative elections.[7] At the end of the ceremony, the program received the Golden Martín Fierro Award.[1]

Seasons List

Season Episodes Televisión Pública Netflix Rating
Release Date Season Finale
1 13 June 2, 2016 September 8, 2016 October 7, 2016 2.9
2 8 July 17, 2018 September 4, 2018 September 28, 2018 9.4
3 8 July 9, 2019 August 27, 2019 September 27, 2019 9.6
4 8 January 19, 2022
5 6 May 4, 2022


Martina Gusmán joined the cast in season one as Emma Molinari and has repeated her role in seasons two, three and four.
First Season Second Season
Actor Character Actor Character
Juan Minujín Miguel Palacios/"Pastor" Peña Nicolás Furtado Juan Pablo "Diosito" Borges
Gerardo Romano Director Sergio Antín Claudio Rissi Mario Borges
Martina Gusmán Lic. Emma Molinari Martina Gusmán Lic. Emma Molinari
Claudio Rissi Mario Borges Esteban Lamothe Patricio "Doc" Salgado
Maite Lanata Luna Lunati Gerardo Romano Director Sergio Antín
Mariano Argento Juez Cayetano Lunati Roly Serrano Sapo Quiroga
Nicolás Furtado Juan Pablo "Diosito" Borges Abel Ayala César
Abel Ayala César Verónica Llinás Rita
Carlos Portaluppi "El Morcilla" Rodrigo Noya Nicolas "Oaki" Olmos
Gustavo Pardi Pikachu Carlos Portaluppi "El Morcilla"
Gerardo Otero Fernando Gustavo Pardi Pikachu
Brian Muniz "El Virus" Guito Botto Fiora "Fiorella"
Adriana Salonia Lucrecia Daniel Pacheco James "El colombiano"
Guito Botto Fiora "Fiorella" Marcelo Peralta Barny
Aylin Prandi Lic. Francesca Morales Brian Buley Pedro, "Pedrito" o "El enano"
Chang Sung Kim "El chino Soja" Jorge Lorenzo Oficial Capece
Marcelo Peralta Barny Emanuel García Arnol
Daniel Pacheco James "El colombiano" Diego Cremonesi Quique "El Cuis"
Jorge Lorenzo Oficial Capece Daniel Fanego Garofalo
Mauro Angemi "Calambre" Ignacio Sureda "Pantera"
Brian Buley Pedro, "Pedrito" o "El enano" Mauro Angemi "Calambre"
Lucas Poce "El niño" Ana Garibaldi Gladys Borges
Francisco Lumerman "El triste" Lucas Poce "El niño"
Emanuel García Arnol Jonathan de Rosa "El susto"
Jonathan de Rosa "El susto" Rodrigo Mora Maximo
Lis Moreno "La Kari" Javier Pedersoli Kalina
Mario Moscoso Guardia Cárcel Monica Raiola Chiqui
Enrique Liporace "El Verruga" Joaquinha Lerena Mecha
Gerardo Romano plays Sergio Antín, the director of San Onofre.
Season Three
Actor Character
Nicolás Furtado Juan Pablo "Diosito" Borges
Claudio Rissi Mario Borges
Martina Gusmán Lic. Emma Molinari
Gerardo Romano Director Sergio Antín
Lorenzo Ferro Cristian "Moco" Pardo
Alejandro Awada Oliverio Bruni
Carlos Portaluppi "El Morcilla"
Gustavo Pardi Pikachu
Guito Botto Fiora "Fiorella"
Daniel Pacheco James "El colombiano"
Marcelo Peralta Barny
Brian Buley Pedro, "Pedrito" o "El enano"
Jorge Lorenzo Oficial Capece
Emanuel García Arnol
Ignacio Sureda "Pantera"
Mauro Angemi "Calambre"
Ana Garibaldi Gladys Borges
Gustavo Garzón Eduardo Pardo
Osqui Guzman Ramos
Ana María Picchio Estela Morales
Denis Corat "Marquitos"
David Masajnik Juan Carlos Rodríguez, "Tubito"
Maite Lanata Luna Lunati
Aylin Prandi Sofia
Mariano Argento Cayetano Lunati
Javier Pedersoli Kalina
Roly Serrano Sapo Quiroga
Diego Cremonesi Quique "El Cuis"
Juan Minujín Miguel Palacios


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