Margrave of Austria
Ernest the Brave at the Battle of Langensalza, Babenberger Stammbaum, Klosterneuburg Monastery, 1489–1492
SuccessorLeopold II
Died10 June 1075
Noble familyBabenberg
SpouseAdelaide of Eilenburg
Swanhilde of Ungarnmark
Leopold II
MotherFrozza Orseolo

Ernest (German: Ernst, 1027 – 10 June 1075), known as Ernest the Brave (Ernst der Tapfere), was the Margrave of Austria from 1055 to his death in 1075. He was a member of the House of Babenberg.[1]


He was born to Margrave Adalbert of Austria and his wife Frozza Orseolo, daughter of Doge Otto Orseolo of Venice. He increased the territory of his margraviate by amalgamating the Bohemian and Hungarian frontier marches up to the Thaya, March and Leitha rivers in what is today Lower Austria. In his time, the colonisation of the remote Waldviertel region was begun by his ministeriales, the Kuenring knights.

Ernest received his epithet due to his fighting against King Béla I of Hungary and his son Géza I on behalf of their rival Solomon according to the chronicler Lambert of Hersfeld. In the commencing Investiture Controversy, he sided with King Henry IV of Germany and battled against the Saxons, dying at the Battle of Langensalza.

Marriage and children

In 1050 Ernest married Adelaide of Eilenburg (1030 – 26 January 1071), daughter of the Wettin margrave Dedi I of Lusatia, who gave him three children:

In 1072 he secondly married Swanhild, daughter of Count Sighard VII in the Hungarian March.

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Ernest, Margrave of Austria House of BabenbergBorn: 1027 Died: 1075 Preceded byAdalbert Margrave of Austria 1055–1075 Succeeded byLeopold II