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FIM Snowcross World Championship
CategorySnowmobile racing
Inaugural season2004
Riders' championSweden Adam Renheim
Constructors' championSki-Doo
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Current season
Adam Renheim at 2016 Snowcross World Championship in Jyväskylä
Adam Renheim at 2016 Snowcross World Championship in Jyväskylä

The FIM Snowcross World Championship is a snocross (snowmobile racing) championship contested annually, inaugurated in 2004. The championship was preceded by the FIM Snowcross World Cup in 2003. The championship was contested over 3 to 4 races between 2004 and 2009 but has since switched to a one race championship[1]

Due to COVID-19 related problems, the championship was not contested in 2020 and 2022. The 2023 edition was initially to be hosted in Kayseri, Turkey, but was postponed to 2024 due to the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake[2]


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2004 (3 events)  Janne Tapio (FIN)  Thomas Aberg (SWE)  Johan Eriksson (SWE)
2005 (3 events)  Janne Tapio (FIN)  Daniel Olofsson (SWE)  Peter Eriksson (SWE)
2006 (4 events)  Peter Eriksson (SWE)  Janne Tapio (FIN)  Johan Eriksson (SWE)
2007 (4 events)  Peter Eriksson (SWE)  Johan Eriksson (SWE)  Viktor Stenman (SWE)
2008 (3 events)  Emil Ohman (SWE)  Viktor Stenman (SWE)  Niko Korsumaeki (FIN)
2009 (3 events)  Peter Eriksson (SWE)  Emil Ohman (SWE)  Niko Korsumaeki (FIN)
Sweden 2010 Malå  Tucker Hibbert (USA)  Johan Lidman (SWE)  Cory Davis (USA)
Finland 2011 Tuuri  Emil Ohman (SWE)  Petter Narsa (SWE)  Tucker Hibbert (USA)
Russia 2012 Semigorge  Tucker Hibbert (USA)  Petter Narsa (SWE)  Adam Renheim (SWE)
Finland 2013 Tuuri  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Petter Narsa (SWE)  Logan Christian (USA)
Sweden 2014 Skellefteå  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Emil Ohman (SWE)  Nisse Kjellstrom (SWE)
Sweden 2015 Älvsbyn  Marcus Ogemar-Hellgren (SWE)  Nisse Kjellstrom (SWE)  Filip Eriksson (SWE)
2016 (2 events)  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Aki Pihlaja (FIN)  Nisse Kjellstrom (SWE)
Sweden 2017 Älvsbyn  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Aki Pihlaja (FIN)  Elias Ishoel (NOR)
Finland 2018 Kittila  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Aki Pihlaja (FIN)  Nisse Kjellstrom (SWE)
Sweden 2019 Bodentravet  Adam Renheim (SWE)  Aki Pihlaja (FIN)  Oskar Norum (SWE)
Finland 2021 Rovaniemi  Petter Narsa (SWE)  John Stenberg (SWE)  Emil Hansson (SWE)

FIM Snowcross Women's World Cup


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2014  Elina Öhman (SWE)  Signe Iren-Braten (NOR)  Malene Andersen (NOR)
2015  Elina Öhman (SWE)  Ronja Revelj (SWE)  Emilia Dahlgren (SWE)
2016  Marica Renheim (SWE)  Emilia Dahlgren (SWE)  Malene Andersen (NOR)
2017  Elina Öhman (SWE)  Emilia Dahlgren (SWE)  Ronja Renheim (SWE)
2018  Marica Renheim (SWE)  Malene Andersen (NOR)  Emilia Dahlgren (SWE)
2019  Elina Öhman (SWE)  Malene Andersen (NOR)  Ellen Bäcke (SWE)
2020 Canceled
2021  Hilda Arnesson (SWE)  Thea Arnesso (SWE)  Hilda Öhman (SWE)


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