Finnish Olympic Committee
Finnish Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Finland
HeadquartersHelsinki, Finland
PresidentJan Vapaavuori
Secretary GeneralTaina Susiluoto
Old logo until 2017
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The Finnish Olympic Committee (Finnish: Suomen Olympiakomitea ry; Swedish: Finlands Olympiska Kommitté rf) is the national Olympic committee in Finland for the Olympic Games movement. It is a non-profit organisation that selects teams, and raises funds to send Finnish competitors to Olympic events organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).[1]


President Term
Reinhold Felix von Willebrand 1907-1919
Ernst Krogius 1919-1929
Kustaa Levälahti 1929-1937
Urho Kekkonen 1937-1946
Wilhelm Lehtinen 1946-1951
V. A. M. Karikoski 1951-1956
Yrjö Valkama 1956-1961
Jukka Rangell 1961-1963
Akseli Kaskela 1963-1969
Jukka Uunila 1969-1984
Carl-Olaf Homén 1984-1988
Tapani Ilkka 1988-2004
Roger Talermo 2004-2012
Risto Nieminen 2012-2016
Timo Ritakallio 2016-present[1][2]

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