Italian National Olympic Committee
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Country/Region Italy
HeadquartersRome, Italy
PresidentGiovanni Malagò
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The Italian National Olympic Committee (Italian: Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, CONI), founded in 1914 and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is responsible for the development and management of sports activity in Italy. Within Italy, CONI recognizes 44 national sports federations, 19 associate sports disciplines, 15 promotional sports organizations, and 19 organizations for the betterment of sports.

In total 95,000 sports clubs with 11,000,000 members are recognized.[1] Its 2016 annual budget is 412,900,000 euros which is primarily funded by the Italian government.[2]

Member organizations of CONI

National sport federations (FSN)

Associate sport disciplines (DSA)

Promotional organizations

Betterment organizations

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