European Olympic Committees
CategoryContinental Sports Organization
Membership50 National Olympic Committees
Regional affiliationEurope
HeadquartersRome, Italy
PresidentSpyros Capralos
Vice president(s)Daina Gudzinevičiūtė
Other key staffSecretary-General
Raffaele Pagnozzi
Peter Mennel
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The European Olympic Committees (EOC; French: Comités olympiques européens, COE) is an organisation based in Rome, Italy, consisting of 50 National Olympic Committees from the continent of Europe.[1] Among other duties, the EOC organizes three major multi-sport events. These are the European Youth Olympic Festival, the Games of the Small States of Europe and the European Games.

The EOC has no connection with another multi-sport event called the European Championships, which are organised by various European discipline-specific sports associations.

Member nations

In the following table, the year in which the NOC was recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is also given if it is different from the year in which the NOC was created.

Nation Code National Olympic Committee President Created/Recognized IOC member Ref.
 Albania ALB Albanian National Olympic Committee Viron Bezhani 1958/1959 Yes [1]
 Andorra AND Andorran Olympic Committee Jaume Marti Mandico 1971/1975 Yes [2]
 Armenia ARM Armenian Olympic Committee Gagik Tsarukyan 1990/1993 Yes [3]
 Austria AUT Austrian Olympic Committee Karl Stoss 1908/1912 Yes [4]
 Azerbaijan AZE National Olympic Committee of the Azerbaijani Republic Ilham Aliyev 1992/1993 Yes [5]
 Belarus BLR Belarus Olympic Committee Victor Lukashenko 1991/1993 Yes [6]
 Belgium BEL Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant 1906 Yes [7]
 Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina Marijan Kvesić 1992/1993 Yes [8]
 Bulgaria BUL Bulgarian Olympic Committee Stefka Kostadinova 1923/1924 Yes [9]
 Croatia CRO Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša 1991/1993 Yes [10]
 Cyprus CYP Cyprus Olympic Committee George Chrysostomou 1974/1978 Yes [11]
 Czech Republic CZE Czech Olympic Committee Jiří Kejval 1899/1993 Yes [12]
 Denmark DEN National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark Hans Natorp 1905 Yes [13]
 Estonia EST Estonian Olympic Committee Urmas Sõõrumaa 1923/1991 Yes [14]
 Finland FIN Finnish Olympic Committee Timo Ritakallio 1907 Yes [15]
 France FRA French National Olympic and Sports Committee David Lappartient 1894 Yes [16]
 Georgia GEO Georgian National Olympic Committee Leri Khabelov 1989/1993 Yes [17]
 Germany GER German Olympic Sports Confederation Thomas Weikert 1895 Yes [18]
 Great Britain GBR British Olympic Association Sir Hugh Robertson 1905 Yes [19]
 Greece GRE Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos 1894/1895 Yes [20]
 Hungary HUN Hungarian Olympic Committee Zsolt Gyulay 1895 Yes [21]
 Iceland ISL National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland Larus L. Blöndal 1921/1935 Yes [22]
 Ireland IRL Olympic Federation of Ireland Sarah Keane 1922 Yes [23]
 Israel[2] ISR Olympic Committee of Israel Yael Arad 1933/1952 Yes [24]
 Italy ITA Italian National Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagò 1908/1915 Yes [25]
 Kosovo KOS Olympic Committee of Kosovo Ismet Krasniqi 1992/2014 Yes [26]
 Latvia LAT Latvian Olympic Committee Žoržs Tikmers 1922/1991 Yes [27]
 Liechtenstein LIE Liechtenstein Olympic Committee Isabel Fehr 1935 Yes [28]
 Lithuania LTU National Olympic Committee of Lithuania Daina Gudzinevičiūtė 1924/1991 Yes [29]
 Luxembourg LUX Luxembourg Olympic and Sporting Committee André Hoffmann 1912 Yes [30]
 Malta MLT Malta Olympic Committee Julian Pace Bonello 1928/1936 Yes [31]
 Moldova MDA National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Moldova Nicolae Juravschi 1991/1993 Yes [32]
 Monaco MON Monégasque Olympic Committee Albert II, Prince of Monaco 1907/1953 Yes [33]
 Montenegro MNE Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dušan Sinomović 2006/2007 Yes [34]
 Netherlands NED Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation André Bolhuis 1912 Yes [35]
 North Macedonia MKD Olympic Committee of North Macedonia Vasil Tupurkovski 1992/1993 Yes [36]
 Norway NOR Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports Berit Kjøll 1900 Yes [37]
 Poland POL Polish Olympic Committee Andrzej Kraśnicki 1918/1919 Yes [38]
 Portugal POR Olympic Committee of Portugal José Manuel Constantino 1909 Yes [39]
 Romania ROU Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee Mihai Covaliu 1914 Yes [40]
 Russia RUS Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnyakov 1911/1912 (restored 1993, suspended 2023[3]) Yes/No [41]
 San Marino SMR Sammarinese National Olympic Committee Gian Primo Giardi 1959 Yes [42]
 Serbia SRB Olympic Committee of Serbia Božidar Maljković 1910[4]/1912 (restored 2006) Yes [43]
 Slovakia SVK Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee Anton Siekel 1992/1993 Yes [44]
 Slovenia SLO Slovenian Olympic Committee Bogdan Gabrovec 1991/1993 Yes [45]
 Spain ESP Spanish Olympic Committee Alejandro Blanco Bravo 1912 Yes [46]
 Sweden SWE Swedish Olympic Committee Hans von Uthman 1913 Yes [47]
  Switzerland SUI Swiss Olympic Association Jürg Stahl 1912 Yes [48]
 Turkey TUR Turkish Olympic Committee Uğur Erdener 1908/1911 Yes [49]
 Ukraine UKR National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Serhiy Bubka 1990/1993 Yes [50]

Former members

State Code National Olympic Committee Created/Recognized Disbanded
 Czechoslovakia TCH Czechoslovak Olympic Committee 1919 1992
 East Germany GDR National Olympic Committee of the GDR 1951/1968 1990
 Serbia and Montenegro SCG Olympic Committee of Serbia and Montenegro 2003 2006
 Soviet Union URS Soviet Olympic Committee 1951 1992
 Yugoslavia YUG Yugoslav Olympic Committee 1919/1920 2003


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  1. ^ EOC members include transcontinental countries Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Russian Federation, as well as Israel, Cyprus and Armenia which are geographically in Asia but due to political-cultural reasons are often assigned to Europe.
  2. ^ Between 1954 and 1974, Israel took part in the Asian Games, but political pressure exerted by Arab countries due to the Arab–Israeli conflict led to Israel's exclusion from the re-organized Olympic Council of Asia in 1981 (See Israelis Facing Asian Ban). It then became a member of the European Olympic Committees in 1994.
  3. ^ IOC Executive Board suspends Russian Olympic Committee with immediate effect
  4. ^ The Olympic Committee of Serbia was founded in 1910, as a successor to the Serbian Olympic Club (source).