Football Association of Yugoslavia
Founded15 April 1919
FIFA affiliation4 May 1921 (temporary)
20 May 1923 (permanent)
UEFA affiliation1954

The Football Association of Yugoslavia (FSJ) (Serbian: Фудбалски савез Југославије, romanizedFudbalski savez Jugoslavije, Croatian: Jugoslavenski nogometni savez; Slovene: Nogometna zveza Jugoslavije; Macedonian: Фудбалски Сојуз на Југославија, romanizedFudbalski Sojuz na Jugoslavija) was the governing body of football in Yugoslavia, based in Belgrade, with a major administrative branch in Zagreb.

It organized the Yugoslav First League, the Yugoslavia national football team, and the Second Leagues of all six former Yugoslav republics.


It was formed in April 1919 in Zagreb under the name Jugoslavenski nogometni savez. The FA became the temporary member of FIFA on 4 May 1921 and permanent member on 20 May 1923. The name later changed to Nogometni savez Jugoslavije. After disagreements between the Zagreb and Belgrade subassociations in 1929, the Assembly of Football Association of Yugoslavia was dissolved in 1929, subsequently with the 6 January Dictatorship; the association headquarters moved to Belgrade next year, on 16 March 1930 where the organization modified its name to Fudbalski Savez Jugoslavije.[1]

During this time there were several subassociations which organized football on the regional level. These were:[2]

On 1 October 1939, the association was reestablished as the Supreme Football Association of Yugoslavia (Vrhovni nogometni savez Jugoslavije), which was made up of the associations: the Slovenian Football Federation (Slovenska nogometna zveza) covering the Drava Banovina, the Croatian Football Federation (Hrvatski nogometni savez) covering the Banovina of Croatia, and the Serbian Football Federation (Srpski loptački savez) covering the remainder of the state. In this new created association is formed new subassociation: Sušak Football Subassociation (January 1940) and Maribor and Celje Football Subassociation (in late 1940). In 1954 Football Association of Yugoslavia became the member of UEFA.

In 1992, the SFR Yugoslavia dissolved, but the republics of Serbia and Montenegro reconstituted a union under the name FR Yugoslavia, claiming the succession of the former Yugoslavia exclusively for themselves, including the football association, so they kept the football association along with its membership in FIFA and UEFA. The Football Association of Yugoslavia was replaced by the Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003, when the nation changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro.

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