Estonian Football Association
Founded14 December 1921[1]
FIFA affiliation1923
UEFA affiliation1992
PresidentAivar Pohlak (2007–)

The Estonian Football Association (EJL; Estonian: Eesti Jalgpalli Liit) is the governing body of football, beach soccer and futsal in Estonia, established on 14 December 1921. It organizes the football league, including the championship which is called Meistriliiga, Estonian Cup and the Estonian national football team. It is based in Tallinn. EJL became a member of FIFA in 1923, but following Estonia's annexation by the Soviet Union it was disbanded. It became a member again in 1992 after Estonia reinstated its independence.


In 2017, FIFA fined the Estonian Football Association 30,000 Swiss francs (26,000 euros) and gave them a warning because of an incident where Bosnia and Herzegovina fans threw burning material onto the field.[2]


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