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II liiga
DivisionsII East/North
II West/South
Number of teams28 (14 in each division)
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toEsiliiga B
Relegation toIII liiga
Domestic cup(s)Estonian Cup
Estonian Small Cup
Current championsPaide Linnameeskond III
Current: 2022 II liiga

II liiga is the fourth level of football league competition in Estonia arranged by the Estonian Football Association. It consists of 28 teams, divided geographically into two divisions with 14 teams respectively in group North/East and South/West. Until 2013, it was the third level league.


During the season, teams play each opponent twice, once at home and once away, for 26 matches. At the end of the season, the winners of both divisions face each other in one final match to determine the champion of II liiga. As in most countries with low temperatures in winter time, the season starts around April and lasts until around the start of November.

At the end of the season, the winners of both divisions may be promoted to the Esiliiga B. This is providing the clubs meet the licensing criteria of the Esiliiga B. Second placed clubs of the divisions face each other in a play-off, the winner of which will play with Esiliiga B eight placed (third bottom) club for promotion to the Esiliiga.

Two clubs from the bottom end of both divisions are relegated to the III liiga. Third bottom clubs in both divisions will play a playoff with winners of playoffs of III liiga second placed clubs.[1]

II Liiga North/East

2019 season

2019 II N/E liiga consists of 14 teams. Nine of them remain the same, one was promoted from III liiga South, one from III liiga West and two were relegated from higher divisions. Promoted teams are Põhja-Tallinna JK Volta II and FC Jõgeva Wolves and relegated teams are Tartu FC Santos (from Esiliiga) and Lasnamäe FC Ajax (from Esiliiga B). Tallinna JK Legion II joined the league from II S/W liiga. These teams replaced Tartu FC Santos II and Maardu United (dissolved), Põhja-Tallinna JK Volta (promoted) as well as Raasiku FC Joker and Tallinna JK Piraaja (transferred to II S/W liiga).


II liiga is located in Estonia
Welco II Santos II Tammeka III
Welco II
Santos II
Tammeka III
Maardu LM II Maardu Utd
Maardu LM II
Maardu Utd
Järve II
Järve II
Location of the 2018 II liiga N/E teams

The following clubs are competing in II liiga North/East during the 2019 season.

Club 2018 Location Titles Last best finish
Ajax 9th in Esiliiga B Tallinn 1 1st (2002)
Ararat 7th Tallinn 0 3rd (2008)
FCI Tallinn 2nd Tallinn 0 2nd (2018)
Järve II 8th Jõhvi 0 8th (2018)
Legion II 6th in II liiga S/W Tallinn 0
Maardu LM II 10th Maardu 0 10th (2017)
Noorus 4th Jõgeva 0 4th (2018)
Santos 7th in Esiliiga Tartu 0
Sillamäe 3rd Sillamäe 2 1st (2000)
Tammeka III 12th Tartu 0 12th (2018)
Trans II 6th Narva 0 4th (2016)
Volta II a 2nd in III liiga West Tallinn 0
Welco II 9th Tartu 0 9th (2018)
Wolves 4th in III liiga South Jõgeva 0

a – ineligible for promotion to Esiliiga B



Season 1st place, gold medalist(s) Points 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Points 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Points Top goalscorer Goals
1995–96 Maardu Olümpia 14 JK Sillamäe Kalev 11 Narva Baltika 11
1996–97 Tallinna Dokker 23 Kohtla-Järve Eliit 17 Muuga Sadam 14
1997–98 Tallinna KSK Vigri 28 Kohtla-Järve Veteranid 24 Kiviõli Irbis 23
1998 Narva Baltika 23 M.C. Tallinn 22 Tallinna JK Dünamo 21 Estonia Heigo Välja (M.C. Tallinn) 10
1999 Tallinna JK Dünamo 41 Štrommi Tallinn 31 Kiviõli JK Irbis 30 Estonia Erik Šteinberg (Kiviõli JK Irbis) 12
2000 JK Sillamäe Kalev 40 Kohtla-Järve SK Järve 31 Maardu FS Junior 25 Whitehorse, Yukon Konstantin Butajev (Maardu FS Junior) 12
2001 Narva Alstom Kick Sai 39 TJK-83 Tallinn 38 Maardu FS Junior 32 Whitehorse, Yukon Konstantin Butajev (Maardu FS Junior) 20
2002 Tallinna FC Ajax Estel 60 M.C. Tallinn 34 Narva SK Kick Sai 26 Estonia Aleksei Titov (Tallinna FC Ajax Estel) 39
2003 Tallinna JK Dünamo (2) 67 Tallinna FC TVMK II 66 Tallinna FC Levadia II 53 Estonia Andrei Afanasov (FS Junior Maardu) 26
2004 JK Tallinna Kalev 69 Tartu JK Merkuur-Juunior 65 FC Puuma 45 Estonia Andrei Usmanov (Tartu JK Merkuur-Juunior) 28
2005 Nõmme JK Kalju 59 Alutaguse FC Lootus 52 FC Levadia-Juunior 47 Estonia Andrus Mitt (Nõmme JK Kalju) 28
2006 Narva Trans II 69 Sillamäe Kalev 57 JK Tallinna Kalev II 42 Russia Aleksandr Avdeev (Sillamäe Kalev) 34
2007 Kiviõli Tamme Auto 60 VJK Rakvere 52 Tallinna FC Ararat 51 Estonia Alar Petrovits (VJK Rakvere) 25
2008 Kohtla-Järve FC Lootus 69 Tallinna JK Legion 64 Tallinna FC Ararat 50 Estonia Anton Semjonov (Kohtla-Järve FC Lootus) 28
2009 Jõhvi JK Orbiit 59 Tallinna JK Dünamo 55 Kohtla-Järve JK Alko 55 Estonia Andrei Afanasov (JK Tallinna Kalev U21) 25
2010 Tallinna FC Puuma 59 Tallinna FC Atletik 55 Nõmme Kalju FC II 41 Estonia Sten Teino (Tallinna FC Puuma) 26
2011 Rakvere JK Tarvas 68 Nõmme Kalju FC II 61 JK Sillamäe Kalev II 56 Estonia Joonas Ljaš (Rakvere JK Tarvas) 27
2012 Jõhvi FC Lokomotiv (2) 66 JK Sillamäe Kalev II 53 Nõmme Kalju FC II 50 Belarus Artisom Kavaliou (Kohtla-Järve JK Alko) 21
2013 Maardu FC Starbunker 59 FC Infonet II Tallinn 57 FCF Tallinna Ülikool 54 Ukraine Klimentii Boldyrev (Maardu FC Starbunker) 26
2014 Paide Linnameeskond II 61 Raasiku FC Joker 1993 55 Tartu JK Welco 51 Estonia Mairo Tikerberi (Jõgeva SK Noorus-96) 27
2015 Paide Linnameeskond U21 (2) 61 Tartu JK Welco 56 JK Luunja 53 Estonia Rauno Kööp (Paide Linnameeskond U21) 20
2016 Tartu FC Merkuur 58 Jõhvi FC Lokomotiv 52 FC Lasnamäe Ajax 51 Estonia Marek Šatov (Tartu FC Merkuur) 28
2017 Tallinna JK Legion 60 Tallinna FC Levadia III 51 Võru FC Helios 49 Estonia Marek Šatov (Tallinna FC Levadia III)
Whitehorse, Yukon Rejal Alijev (Tallinna JK Legion)
2018 Põhja-Tallinna JK Volta 57 FCI Tallinn 57 JK Sillamäe Kalev 56 Estonia Vassili Kulik (JK Sillamäe Kalev) 23
2019 FCI Tallinn 64 JK Sillamäe Kalev 59 Narva JK Trans II 56 Estonia Sander Pabo (FCI Tallinn) 29
2020 Tallinna JK Legion II 60 FC Tallinn 60 FCI Tallinn 57 Estonia Tarvi Suvi (Tartu FC Helios) 30

II Liiga South/West

2018 season

II Liiga South/West
Number of teams14
Current championsFC Nõmme United
Most championshipsFC Santos Tartu (3)
WebsiteII Liiga

2018 II S/W Liiga consists of 14 different teams. Eight of them remain the same. Two were promoted from III Liiga West, one from III Liiga North and one from III Liiga East. They were Pärnu JK Poseidon, Läänemaa JK, JK Tallinna Kalev III and Paide Linnameeskond III. One team was transferred from II Liiga N/E. It was Tallinna JK Legion II. Remaining team was relegated from Esiliiga B, which was Viimsi JK. These teams replaced FC Nõmme United, Pärnu Jalgpalliklubi and FC Flora U19 (all promoted), Saue JK Laagri, SK Imavere and Viimsi JK II. Also Tallinna JK Dünamo changed its name to Tallinna JK Legion II.


II liiga is located in Estonia
Paide LM III
Paide LM III
Poseidon Vaprus II
Vaprus II
Location of the 2018 II liiga N/E teams

The following clubs were competing in II liiga South/West during the 2018 season.

Club 2017 Location Titles Last best finish
Poseidon a, b 1st in III Liiga W Pärnu 0
Ganvix a, b 5th Türi 0 2nd (2015)
Legion II a, b, c Tallinn 0
Kuressaare II a 10th Kuressaare 1 1st (2003)
Kalev III a, b 3rd in III Liiga N Tallinn 0
Läänemaa a, b 3rd in III Liiga W Haapsalu 0
Otepää a, b 9th Otepää 0 9th (2017)
Paide Linnameeskond III a, b 1st in III Liiga E Paide 0
Raplamaa a, b 8th Rapla 0 8th (2017)
Tabasalu a, b 3rd Tallinn 0 3rd (2017)
Tulevik U21 4th Viljandi 0 2nd (1994/95)
Tõrva a, b 13th Karksi-Nuia 0 7th (2016)
Vaprus II a, b 12th Pärnu 0 12th (2017)
Viimsi 7th in Esiliiga B Haabneeme 1 1st (2012)

a – never been relegated from II liiga
b – never played in Esiliiga B/Esiliiga
c – ineligible for promotion to Esiliiga B



Season 1st place, gold medalist(s) Points 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Points 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Points Top goalscorer Goals
1995–96 Pärnu United 21 Lokomotiiv Valga 16 Merkuur Tartu 11
1996–97 Merkuur Tartu 28 Tartu Jalgpallikool 18 Märjamaa Kompanii 14
1997–98 FC Lelle 21 Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 20 Tartu Jalgpallikool 16
1998 FC Lelle 27 Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 17 Märjamaa Kompanii 13 Estonia Ott Purje (FC Lelle) 14
1999 Merkuur Tartu 54 Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 37 Tervis Pärnu 30 Estonia Martti Pukk (Hiiu Kalur Kärdla) 24
2000 Pärnu FC Levadia 49 Paide Arieks 35 Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 30 Estonia Martti Pukk (Hiiu Kalur Kärdla) 22
2001 JK Tammeka Tartu 45 Pärnu JK Vaprus 43 Muhumaa JK 33 Estonia Kristjan Tiirik (JK Tammeka Tartu) 20
2002 JK Tervis Pärnu 49 FC Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 32 Sörve JK 32 Estonia Maikko Mölder (Sörve JK) 24
2003 Sörve JK 57 FC Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 55 HÜJK Emmaste 42 Estonia Martti Pukk (FC Hiiu Kalur Kärdla) 26
2004 Pärnu JK Vaprus 76 FC Elva 58 FC Hiiu Kalur Kärdla 42 Estonia Indrek Joost (Pärnu JK Vaprus) 28
2005 Pärnu Pataljoni JK 62 FC Tarvastu 58 FC Elion 49 Estonia Sergei Zenjov (Pärnu Pataljoni JK) 27
2006 Tartu Välk 494 59 FC Tarvastu 55 Pärnu Pataljoni JK 54 Estonia Ants Palumaa (FC Tarvastu) 30
2007 Paide FC Flora 61 Sörve JK 59 Tartu JK Maag Tammeka III 54 Estonia Rauno Rikberg (Paide FC Flora) 34
2008 Tartu FC Santos 58 FC Nõmme United 55 Viljandi JK Tulevik II 48 Estonia Ivar Sova (FC Nõmme United) 27
2009 FC Nõmme United 58 Tartu JK Tammeka II 57 Türi Ganvix JK 43 Estonia Ivar Sova (FC Nõmme United) 39
2010 Tartu FC HaServ 62 HÜJK Emmaste 52 FC Nõmme United 47 Estonia Sander Lepik (FC Nõmme United) 20
2011 Tartu FC HaServ 62 Tartu JK Tammeka II 62 Paide Kumake 54 Estonia Rasmus Luhakooder (Viljandi JK Tulevik) 23
2012 HÜJK Emmaste 69 Viljandi JK Tulevik 56 Vändra JK Vaprus 51 Estonia Ergo Eessaar (Tartu SK 10 II) 39
2013 Tartu FC Santos 73 Sörve JK 49 Türi Ganvix JK 48 Estonia Alar Alve (Tartu FC Santos)
Estonia Sander Lepik (FC Nõmme United)
2014 JK Tallinna Kalev U21 61 FCF Tallinna Ülikool 59 Saue JK Laagri 36 Estonia Karl Anton Sõerde (Viimsi MRJK) 28
2015 FCF Tallinna Ülikool 63 Türi Ganvix JK 53 Viljandi JK Tulevik U21 52 Estonia Rauno Nõmmiko (FCF Tallinna Ülikool) 32
2016 Paide Linnameeskond II 67 Keila JK 62 FC Nõmme United 60 Estonia Kevin Mätas (FC Nõmme United) 38
2017 FC Nõmme United 71 Pärnu Jalgpalliklubi 60 JK Tabasalu 48 Estonia Mark Kolosov (FC Nõmme United) 50
2018 Paide Linnameeskond III 71 Viimsi JK 65 JK Tabasalu 54 Estonia Ken-Marten Tammeveski (Viimsi JK) 27
2019 Paide Linnameeskond III 64 JK Tallinna Kalev III 56 Läänemaa JK 49 Estonia Juhan Jograf Siim (Tallinna JK Piraaja) 35
2020 Paide Linnameeskond III 76 Harju JK Laagri 59 Raasiku FC Joker 57 Estonia Marek Suursaar (FC Kuressaare II) 38


In addition to league winners, second placed teams also get a chance to get promoted. First of all, both second placed teams play each other and the winner goes to the second round, where it meets with Esiliiga B 8th placed team. The winner of this game gets to compete in Esiliiga B.

II liiga finals

Every season II Liiga North/East and II Liiga South/West winners compete in a match. The winner is named the II liiga champion.[2]

2012 Jõhvi FC Lokomotiv 0–3 HÜJK Emmaste Tallinn, Estonia
14:00 (Report) Janar Tükk 27'
Kristjan Paapsi 46'
Ergo Reinvald 89'
Stadium: Sportland Arena
Attendance: 25
Referee: Grigori Ošomkov
2013 Tartu FC Santos 2–1 Maardu FC Starbunker Tartu, Estonia
10:00 Taavi Vellemaa 62'
Alar Alve 87'
(Report) Vadim Šalabai 25' Stadium: Tamme Stadium
Attendance: 76
Referee: Mart Martin
2014 JK Tallinna Kalev II 2–1 Paide Linnameeskond II Tallinn, Estonia
19:30 Timo Paal 7'
Mikk Mario Mõistlik 62'
(Report) Tarmo Paju 17' Stadium: Kalevi Keskstaadion
Attendance: 35
Referee: Andrei Karhu
2015 FCF Tallinna Ülikool 4–1 Paide Linnameeskond II Tallinn, Estonia
19:30 Robert Veskimäe 10'
Sander Lepik 71'
Mark Kolosov 86'
Rasmus Munskind 90'
(Report) Volodja Erdei 5' Stadium: Sportland Arena
Attendance: 30
Referee: Aleksei Smirnov
2016 Paide Linnameeskond II 8–0 Tartu FC Merkuur Paide, Estonia
13:00 Carl Tubarik 3' (pen.)
Martin Saar 9', 34'
Rauno Rikberg 37', 42', 63'
Priit Raal 39'
Andre Mägi 85'
liigavõitja (Report) Stadium: Paide linnastaadion
Attendance: 75
Referee: Paul Kask
2017 FC Nõmme United 2–2
(2–4 p)
Tallinna JK Legion Tallinn, Estonia
19:00 Rasmus Värk 17'
Mark Kolosov 66'
(Report) Jevgeni Baranov 25'
Kirill Vinogradov 38'
Stadium: Wismari staadion
Attendance: 55
Referee: Roman Daniljuk
2018 Paide Linnameeskond III 4–0 Põhja-Tallinna JK Volta Tallinn, Estonia
  • Carl Tubarik 20', 60'
  • Rauno Rikberg 64', 66'
(Report) Stadium: Kadrioru staadion
Attendance: 127
Referee: Tanel Üprus


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