Liga 4
Founded2019; 3 years ago (2019)
Country Georgia
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toLiga 3
Relegation toRegionuli Liga
Domestic cup(s)Georgian Cup
Current championsDinamo-2 Tbilisi
Current: 2021

Liga 4, organized by Georgian Football Federation, is the fourth tier of Georgian football league. It was founded in 2019 as a part of comprehensive reorganization of the league system.

Structure and format

In 2018, GFF decided to form an additional division between Liga 3 and Regionuli Liga by introducing Liga 4 for the 2019 season. After the first year the top two clubs were promoted to Liga 3 and the bottom two were supposed to be relegated to Regional league.

However, in February 2020 the league regulation sustained new changes, which saved the doomed teams from relegation and enlarged the tournament with four more Regionuli Liga clubs.[1]

In January 2021, GFF announced that the number of clubs participating in the upcoming season would be increased to twenty,[2] although for the next year they were reduced back to sixteen.

The top three teams are due to earn automatic promotion to Liga 3 after the 2022 season. The bottom four clubs will be relegated.[3]

Seasons run based on Spring-Autumn system.

The number of teams in each season:

2019 = 10

2020 = 16

2021 = 20

• 2022 = 16

Current season

There are two members of the league that have taken part in the top division: Sulori Vani (1991-92) and Magaroeli Chiatura (1992-93 and 1997-98).

Based on their performance the previous year, the following sixteen teams will be competing in the 2022 season.

Teams in 2022
Club Position last season Location Region
Algeti 5th in Relegation Round Marneuli Kvemo Kartli
Betlemi 5th Keda Adjara
Didube 2014 14th in Liga 3 Tbilisi Tbilisi
Iberia 8th Tbilisi Tbilisi
Locomotive-2 1st in Reg.Liga East Tbilisi Tbilisi
Magaroeli 13th in Liga 3 Chiatura Imereti
Margveti 2006 10th Zestafoni Imereti
Matchakhela 6th in Relegation Round Khelvachauri Adjara
Merani-2 Martvili 2nd in Relegation Round Martvili Samegrelo-Z.Svaneti
Odishi 1919 1st in Relegation Round Zugdidi Samegrelo-Z.Svaneti
Samegrelo 4th in Relegation Round Chkhorotsku Samegrelo-Z.Svaneti
Samgurali-2 1st in Reg.Liga West Tskaltubo Imereti
Shturmi 3rd in Relegation Round Sartichala Kvemo Kartli
Skuri 9th Tsalenjikha Samegrelo-Z.Svaneti
Sulori 7th Vani Imereti
WIT Georgia-2 6th Tbilisi Tbilisi


Previous years

In the first season ten teams played 27 games each. Eventually, two clubs from Tbilisi finished in top places awarding them promotion to the upper league.[4]

The 2020 season was scheduled to start in April, but Covid-2019 postponed it for four months. In July GFF decided to form White and Red Groups with winners getting automatic promotion and bottom two clubs going down.[5] 16 teams were split into two groups. The football season started in August and lasted five months with each team playing 14 games only. Two winners and two runners-up were promoted to Liga 3.

The next year after the first phase Promotion and Relegation Groups were created. In the end the first four teams of the former advanced to Liga 3, while the bottom four of the latter dropped down a further level to Regionuli Liga.

In contrast, the 2022 season is due to be held as a single two-round tournament.

2019 Spaeri Tbilisi • Tbilisi City
2020 Varketili Tbilisi • Didube Tbilisi • Merani-2 TbilisiMagaroeli Chiatura
2021 Dinamo-2 TbilisiZestafoniBorjomi • Irao Tbilisi

Relegated teams

2019 N/A
2020 N/A
2021 Torpedo-2 Kutaisi • Tbilisi • Imereti KhoniEgrisi Senaki

Participation per club

Taking into account the 2022 season, twenty nine teams have been members of this league for at least one year.

Team Par.
Algeti 4
Odishi 1919 4
Samegrelo 4
Betlemi 3
Egrisi 3
Iberia 3
Imereti 3
Magaroeli 3
Skuri 3
Sulori 3
Team Par.
WIT Georgia-2 3
Borjomi 2
Didube 2
Margveti 2006 2
Matchakhela 2
Merani-2 Martvili 2
Shturmi 2
Varketili 2
Zestafoni 2
Dinamo-2 1
Team Par.
Gareji 1
Irao 1
Locomotive-2 1
Merani-2 Tbilisi 1
Samgurali-2 1
Spaeri 1
Tbilisi 1
Tbilisi City 1
Torpedo-2 1

Their current status as of 2022:

Erovnuli Liga 2 2
Liga 3 7
Liga 4 16
Regionuli Liga 4


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