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Ftena Trachilia
Native name:
Φτενά Τραχύλια
Coordinates35°18′56″N 26°17′14″E / 35.31556°N 26.28722°E / 35.31556; 26.28722
ArchipelagoCretan Islands
Regional unitLasithi
Population0 (2001)

Ftena Trachylia (Greek: Φτενά Τραχύλια, "thin and rough or uneven"), also known as Pinnacle Rocks (Greek: Πίνακλ), are a group of uninhabited Greek islets/rocks, in the Aegean Sea, close to the eastern coast of Crete. Administratively they lie within the Itanos municipality of Lasithi.

The "Trachylia" part of the name was probably given due to the shape of the islet rocks (and many of the islets surrounding Crete are named from their shape). For example, see Trachea (cup-shaped Byzantine coins) and Trachylinae (cup-shaped jellyfish).

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