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View of Armathia from Kasos
Coordinates35°26′12″N 26°51′49″E / 35.43667°N 26.86361°E / 35.43667; 26.86361Coordinates: 35°26′12″N 26°51′49″E / 35.43667°N 26.86361°E / 35.43667; 26.86361
View of Armathia from Kasos at sunset
View of Armathia from Kasos at sunset

Armathia (Greek: Αρμάθια) is a Greek island belonging to the Dodecanese group in the eastern Aegean sea. It is part of the municipality of Kasos. In the census of 1951 there were 8 recorded inhabitants but it has since become uninhabited. At its peak it sustained a community of over 100 who were mainly involved in mining the rich deposits of gypsum intended for export. It is now a tourist destination for day trippers from neighbouring developed islands. The recently constructed observatory attracts wildlife observers.