GNOME Screenshot
Developer(s)GNOME Project
Stable release
40.0[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 20 March 2021; 2 years ago (20 March 2021)
Written inC
Operating systemUnix-like
TypeScreenshot software

GNOME Screenshot is a desktop environment-agnostic utility for taking screenshots. It was part of the GNOME Utilities (gnome-utils) package, but was split into its own package[2] for the 3.3.1 version in 2011.[3] It was the default screenshot software in GNOME.

It provides several options, including capturing the whole desktop or just a single window, a time delay function, and some image effects. These options are also bound to keyboard shortcuts, PrtSc for whole screen, Crtl-PrtSc for current window, and Shift-PrtSc for area of the screen, which then automatically saves the screenshot to a file in the home directory.

Similar applications include Flameshot, Shutter which provides more options, and Spectacle in KDE.

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