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Glitz-book cover.jpg
AuthorElmore Leonard
Country United States
PublisherArbor House
Publication date
Media typeHardcover

Glitz is a 1985 novel by author Elmore Leonard, following the story of Detective Vincent Mora who is being stalked by Teddy Magyk, the serial rapist he put away. It was made into a 1988 television film starring Jimmy Smits and Markie Post.


Psycho mama's boy Teddy Magyk has become obsessed with the Miami cop who put him away for raping a senior citizen — but he wants to hit Vincent Mora where it really hurts before killing him. So when a beautiful Puerto Rican hooker takes a swan dive from an Atlantic City high-rise and Vincent naturally shows up to investigate the questionable death of his "special friend," Teddy figures he's got his prey just where he wants him. But the A.C. dazzle is blinding the Magic Man to a couple of very hard truths: Vincent Mora doesn't forgive and forget ... and he doesn't die easy.

Characters in Glitz

Critical reception

Writing in The New York Times in 1985, horror fiction writer Stephen King compared the novel favorably with works by John D. MacDonald, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.[1]


In the 1988 film version for cable television, the Atlantic City detective Vincent Mora was played by Jimmy Smits, the villain Teddy Magyk by John Diehl and the lounge singer Linda Moon by Markie Post. It was directed by Sandor Stern.


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