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A grand strategy wargame or simply grand strategy game (GSG)[1][2] is a wargame that places focus on grand strategy: military strategy at the level of movement and use of a nation state or empire's resources. It is a genre that has considerable overlap with 4X games, but differs in being "asymmetrical", meaning that players are more bound to a specific setup and not among equally free factions in exploring and progressing the game and an open world.[3]

Scope of games

Examples of grand strategy games where military tactics are highly abstracted or eliminated entirely include the board games Risk and Diplomacy. Another example which is slightly more realistic is Axis & Allies, although in it military factors are still highly abstracted. Games such as Rise and Decline of the Third Reich, Empires in Arms, and Empires of the Middle Ages are true wargames, in the sense that military units are specifically represented, and engage in direct combat based on specific military attributes. The Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Supreme Ruler Ultimate, Hegemony and Total War series are examples of computer-based grand strategy games.[4]

Academic use

Because grand strategy games go beyond simple warfare to deal with economics, geography, history, and politics, they are especially useful in education and studies of international affairs.[5][6]

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