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Hagemeister Park
A high school football game played at Hagemeister Park between Marinette and Watertown on December 8, 1917
LocationGreen Bay, Wisconsin
OwnerHagemeister Brewery
SurfaceNatural Grass
Green Bay Packers (APFA/NFL) (1921-1922)
Green Bay Packers (Ind.) (1919-1920)

Hagemeister Park was a park in Green Bay, Wisconsin that was the home of the Green Bay Packers from their founding in 1919 and their first two seasons playing in the National Football League, 1921 and 1922.


Use and facilities

Owned by Hagemeister brewery, the park was located on the northern end of Washington Park (now Joannes Park). It was a classic sandlot, located near Baird and Walnut Streets, adjacent to the East River. The playing field was roped off from the spectators' standing area. There were no ushers, band, or public address system. There also were no gates, since there was not a fence. Spectators would jump off the streetcar and walk to the sideline to watch. Fans who drove to the game could park their cars about ten yards behind the ropes. Fans often sat in their cars or on top of them, although most stood on the sidelines, following the action up and down the field. At halftime, the teams adjourned to opposite end zones and discuss tactics for the second half. Spectators would form a ring around the players and join in on the discussions.

George Whitney Calhoun, a writer for the Green Bay Press-Gazette and the club's unofficial press representative, would pass a hat among the spectators for donations. In 1920, a small section of grandstand was built on one side of the field, with a capacity of a few hundred, and a fee was charged to sit there. In 1921, a portable canvas fence was erected around the entire field, and a regular admission fee was inaugurated.


All that remains of Hagemeister Park is a marker next to the facade of Green Bay East High School.

Hagemeister Park was torn down in 1923 to make way for the new Green Bay East High School, and the Packers moved their games to Bellevue Park. They would return to a site just north of the park two years later, at City Stadium.

Preceded byFirst stadium Home of theGreen Bay Packers 1919 – 1922 Succeeded byBellevue Park

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