The word Hanani (Hebrew: חנני Ḥănānî) means "God has gratified me" or "God is gracious".

Hanani is the name of five men mentioned in the Hebrew Bible:

Anani depicted in Nuremberg Chronicles (1493)

Hanani was imprisoned in stocks by Asa (2 Chronicles 16:7-10). This Hanani was also probably the father of the prophet Jehu, who rebuked Baasha, king of the northern kingdom (1 Kings 16:1-4, 7) and Jehoshaphat , king of the southern kingdom (2 Chronicles 19:1-3). The Pulpit Commentary suggests both "belonged to the Kingdom of Judah".[1] Hanani's criticism of Asa's treaty with Syria does not appear in the parallel narrative in 1 Kings 15.[2] Hanani would appear to have had a group of supporters who shared his criticism or disapproved of his arrest, whose protests were also "crushed" by Asa.[3]


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