Oded (Hebrew: עוֹדֵד‘Ōḏêḏ) is a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, mentioned in 2 Chronicles 28. He was from Samaria, and met the army of the northern kingdom of Israel, who were returning with captives from Judah. In a speech from verse 9 to verse 11, he urged them to return the slaves. He was joined in this plea by some of the northern kingdom's leaders (verses 12-13), and it was successful.[1] The slaves were escorted back to Jericho (verse 15).

William Schniedewind notes that Oded is the only prophet in the Book of Chronicles who does not address a king. Schniedewind argues that this is because "in the Chronicler's view there was no legitimate northern king to address".[2]

A different Oded is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 15, as being the father of the prophet Azariah.


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