Hannah Ritchie
Alma materUniversity of Edinburgh (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Known forOur World in Data
Scientific career
FieldsClimate change
Global development
Food systems
InstitutionsUniversity of Oxford
ThesisGlobal food systems: addressing malnutrition through sustainable system pathways (2018)
Doctoral advisorDavid Reay
Pete Higgins
Websitehannahritchie.com Edit this at Wikidata

Hannah Ritchie is a Scottish data scientist, senior researcher at the University of Oxford in the Oxford Martin School, and deputy editor at Our World in Data. Her work focuses on sustainability, in relation to climate change, energy, food and agriculture, biodiversity, air pollution, deforestation, and public health.

Her first book, Not the End of the World, was published in 2024 by Chatto & Windus.

Early life and education

Hannah Ritchie trained in environmental science at the University of Edinburgh. She earned her undergraduate degree in environmental geoscience and a master's degree in carbon management.[1]

She remained in Scotland for her Ph.D., researching malnutrition and global food systems. She created a scalable framework to understand food system pathways and identify losses, allocations and conversions.[2] In particular, she looked to understand whether it was possible to feed a growing population without damaging the environment.[3] Ritchie is vegan.[4]


Ritchie started her career as a lecturer in sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. She developed teaching programs focused on sustainability.[5] She left Edinburgh to start a research position at the University of Oxford, where she developed data visualizations to communicate information.[3]

Ritchie's early work considered food systems and how it was essential to adapt to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.[6] For example, she has argued that for most foods, the carbon footprint is barely impacted by transport.[7]

In 2017 Ritchie joined Our World in Data as Head of Research. Her work focuses on environmental sustainability, including topics such as climate change, energy, food and agriculture, biodiversity, air pollution, and deforestation.[8] During the COVID-19 pandemic, she built the Our World in Data COVID-19 information dashboard.[9] In 2023 she became Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher.[10]

In 2024 Chatto & Windus published Ritchie's first book, Not the End of the World,[11] which explores her optimism for large-scale problem-solving and ending climate change.[12][13]


In 2022 Ritchie was named Scotland's Youth Climate Champion at the Holyrood Green Giant Awards in recognition of her contributions to the climate-change movement.[14]



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