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The Indiana Code is the code of laws for the U.S. state of Indiana. The contents are the codification of all the laws currently in effect within Indiana. With roots going back to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the laws of Indiana have been revised many times. The current approach to updating Indiana Code began in 1971 when the Indiana Statute Revision Commission began a complete rearrangement. The first official edition of the Indiana Code was published in 1976, and is regularly updated through the Office of Code Revision in the Legislative Services Agency.


An act of Congress, approved by the president on May 7, 1800, established the Indiana Territory as a separate governmental unit.[citation needed] The first General Assembly of the Indiana Territory met on July 29, 1805 and shortly after the Revised Statutes of 1807 was the official body of law.[citation needed] Indiana's constitution, adopted in 1816, specified that all laws in effect for the Territory would be considered laws of the state, until they expired or were repealed.[citation needed] Indiana laws were revised many times over the years, but the current approach to updating the code in a regular manner began in 1971. A special agency was established to reorganize the entire body of law for the State of Indiana, leading to the development of 36 distinct Titles that correspond to subject categories.[citation needed]

The first official edition of the Indiana Code was published by West Publishing Company, under direction of the Indiana Legislative Council. Responsibility for publishing the Code was later assumed by the Legislative Services Agency, through the Office of Code Revision and working with the Code Revision Commission.[citation needed] The current version of the Code, along with archived material, can be found at the Indiana General Assembly website:


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