This is an incomplete list of statutory codes from the U.S. states, territories, and the one federal district.

Most states use a single official code divided into numbered titles. Pennsylvania's official codification is still in progress.

California, New York, and Texas use separate subject-specific codes (or in New York's case, "Consolidated Laws") which must be separately cited by name. Louisiana has both five subject-specific codes and a set of Revised Statutes divided into numbered titles. The Maryland Code was formerly divided into numbered titles, but was recodified into subject-specific articles which must be cited by name.

or federal district
Statutory code(s) Date adopted Notes External link
 Alabama Code of Alabama 1975

Code of Alabama

 Alaska Alaska Statutes 1962 Alaska Statutes
 Arizona Arizona Revised Statutes January 9, 1956 [1] Arizona Revised Statutes
 Arkansas Arkansas Code 1987 Arkansas Code
 California California Codes Various The state of California has 29 statutory codes. California Law
 Colorado Colorado Revised Statutes Colorado Revised Statutes
 Connecticut Connecticut General Statutes 1958 From the Code of 1650 to the Revision of 1958 (revised to January 1, 2017), 16 complete revisions have been done. From 1918 to 1972, revision updates were carried out by means of supplements.[2] General Statutes of Connecticut
 Delaware Delaware Code 1953 Delaware Code
 District of Columbia Code of the District of Columbia Originally published in 1857 by A. O. P. Nicholson, Public Printer, as The Revised Code of the District of Columbia, prepared under the Authority of the Act of Congress, entitled "An act to improve the laws of the District of Columbia, and to codify the same," approved March 3, 1855. District of Columbia Official Code
 Florida Florida Statutes Florida Statutes
 Georgia Official Code of Georgia Annotated Georgia Code
 Hawaii Hawaii Revised Statutes Hawaii Revised Statutes
 Idaho Idaho Statutes Idaho Statutes
 Illinois Illinois Compiled Statutes January 1, 1993 ILCS; replaced Illinois Revised Statutes (Ill.Rev.Stat.) of 1874 Illinois Compiled Statutes (Background)
 Indiana Indiana Code Indiana Code
 Iowa Code of Iowa Merged Iowa Code and Supplement
 Kansas Kansas Statutes

Kansas Statutes

 Kentucky Kentucky Revised Statutes

Kentucky Revised Statutes

 Louisiana Louisiana Revised Statutes

Louisiana Revised Statutes

 Maine Maine Revised Statutes Maine Revised Statutes
 Maryland Maryland Code In stages from 1973 to 2016 Gradually replaced the 1957 code

Maryland Code

 Massachusetts General Laws of Massachusetts 1920 Replaced the "General Statutes" in 1920; currently updated via session laws referred to as chapters within yearly acts (i.e., Chapter 75 of the Acts of 1986). Massachusetts General Laws
 Michigan Michigan Compiled Laws Michigan Compiled Laws
 Minnesota Minnesota Statutes Minnesota Statutes
 Mississippi Mississippi Unannotated Code Mississippi Unannotated Code
 Missouri Missouri Revised Statutes Missouri Revised Statutes
 Montana Montana Code Annotated Montana Code Annotated
 Nebraska Nebraska Revised Statues Nebraska Revised Statutes
 Nevada Nevada Revised Statutes Nevada Revised Statutes
 New Hampshire State of New Hampshire Revised Statutes State of New Hampshire Revised Statutes
 New Jersey New Jersey Statutes New Jersey Statutes Annotated
 New Mexico New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978 Replaced the 1953 compilation. Published by the New Mexico Compilation Commission New Mexico Statutes Unannotated
 New York Consolidated Laws of New York 1909 Consolidated Laws of New York
 North Carolina North Carolina General Statutes North Carolina General Statutes
 North Dakota North Dakota Century Code North Dakota Century Code
 Ohio Ohio Revised Code Ohio Revised Code
 Oklahoma Oklahoma Statutes Oklahoma Statutes
 Oregon Oregon Revised Statutes Oregon Revised Statutes
 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes 1970–present Before 1970, there was no official codification of Pennsylvania's statutes; the proprietary codification by Purdon was a de facto standard. As the official code is incomplete, the Purdon code is still in use for some topics. [2] Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes
 Puerto Rico Leyes de Puerto Rico [3]
 Rhode Island Rhode Island General Laws Rhode Island General Laws
 South Carolina South Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina Code of Laws
 South Dakota South Dakota Codified Laws [4]
 Tennessee Tennessee Code Annotated [5]
 Texas Revised Civil Statutes, Penal Code, and Code of Criminal Procedure[3][4] Texas Constitution & Statutes
 Utah Utah Code Utah Code
 Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Code [6]
 Vermont Vermont Statutes Annotated Vermont Statutes Online
 Virginia Code of Virginia 1950 Code of Virginia
 Washington Revised Code of Washington Revised Code of Washington
 West Virginia West Virginia Code West Virginia Code
 Wisconsin Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
 Wyoming Wyoming Statutes Wyoming Code
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