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The International Horror Guild Award (also known as the IHG Award) was an accolade recognizing excellence in the field of horror/dark fantasy, presented by the International Horror Guild (IHG) from 1995 to 2008.[1][2][3]

The IHG Awards were determined by a jury of notable horror/dark fantasy critics and reviewers, which has included Edward Bryant, Ann VanderMeer, Stefan Dziemianowicz, William Sheehan, Fiona Webster and Hank Wagner. Nomination suggestions were accepted from the public. The annual awards were usually announced during a special presentation at a convention or other event, and IHG Award presentations have been held at the World Fantasy Convention, the World Horror Convention and Dragon*Con.[1]

Originally in the form of a "winged dog gargoyle" figure on a base, in 2002 the IHG Award was redesigned as a black, tombstone-shaped and free-standing plaque. The Living Legend Award had the same design, but in clear acrylic.[4]


Award Year Presentation Date Event City Location Living Legend Honoree
1994 March 2–5, 1995 World Horror Convention Atlanta Sheraton Colony Square Harlan Ellison[5]
1995 May 9–12, 1996 World Horror Convention Eugene Valley River Inn Clive Barker[5]
1996 June 26-20, 1997 Dragon*Con Atlanta Hyatt Regency Atlanta Edward W. Bryant[5]
1997 September 4, 1998 Dragon*Con Atlanta Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hugh B. Cave[5]
1998 March 6, 1999 World Horror Convention Atlanta North Central Marriott Hotel Ray Bradbury[5]
1999 May 12, 2000 World Horror Convention Denver Adam's Mark Hotel Richard Matheson[5][6]
2000 September 1, 2001 Dragon*Con Atlanta Hyatt Regency Ballroom Alice Cooper[5]
2001 April 13, 2002 World Horror Convention Chicago Radisson O'Hare William F. Nolan[5]
2002 May 23, 2003 Announced via press release Charles L. Grant[5]
2003 April 10, 2004 World Horror Convention Phoenix Embassy Suites North Phoenix Stephen King & E. F. Bleiler[5][7]
2004 November 3, 2005 World Fantasy Convention Madison Madison Concourse Hotel Gahan Wilson[5]
2005 November 2, 2006 World Fantasy Convention Austin Renaissance Hotel Chelsea Quinn Yarbro[5]
2006 November 1, 2007 World Fantasy Convention Saratoga Springs Saratoga Hotel Ramsey Campbell[5]
2007 October 31, 2008 Announced via press release Peter Straub[3][8]


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