International Wrestling Revolution Group
Grupo Internacional Revolución
FoundedJanuary 1, 1996
StyleLucha libre
HeadquartersNaucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico
Founder(s)Adolfo Moreno
Owner(s)Marco Moreno
Alfredo Moreno

International Wrestling Revolution Group (Grupo Internacional Revolución in Spanish; the Spanish name is used for the promotion while the English initials are used for the title governing body) is a Lucha Libre promotion based in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico. Founded in 1996 by Adolfo Moreno and since Moreno's death in late 2007 has been controlled by his sons Alfredo and Marco Moreno.

IWRG has its own championships but like many Mexican promotions recognize champions from other promotions, occasionally allowing them to defend those titles on IWRG shows. In recent times the company has become a more direct competitor to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA), acquiring a national television deal with TV Azteca and using a number of talent that have left CMLL or AAA to bolster their ranks and profile. IWRG's home base is Arena Naucalpan where the majority of their shows are held, though they have regularly promoted shows at other venues such as Arena Emiliano Zapata, Arena Xochimilco and Arena Neza.


Wrestler-turned-promoter Adolfo "Pirata" Moreno began promoting wrestling shows in his native Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico, bringing in wrestlers from Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL) to Naucalpan as well as featuring wrestlers from the Mexican independent circuit.[1] Later on he would promote shows mainly in "Arena KO Al Gusto" and served as the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA) partner, using the name Promociones Moreno as the business name for his promotional efforts.[1] In 1977 Moreno bought the run down Arena KO Al Gusto and had Arena Naucalpan built in its place, an arena designed specifically for wrestling shows, with a maximum capacity of 2,400 spectators for the shows. Arena Naucalpan became the permanent home for Promociones Moreno, with very few shows held elsewhere.[1] In the 1990s the UWA folded and Promociones Moreno worked primarily with EMLL, now rebranded as Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).[2] From the mid-1990s Moreno would promote several Naucalpan championships, including the Naucalpan Tag Team Championship, Naucalpan Middleweight Championship and the Naucalpan Welterweight Championship, all sanctioned by the local boxing and wrestling commission.[1]

In late 1995 Adolfo Moreno decided to create his own promotion, creating a regular roster instead of relying totally on wrestlers from other promotions, creating the International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG; sometimes referred to as Grupo Internacional Revolución in Spanish) on January 1, 1996.[3] From that point on Arena Naucalpan became the main venue for IWRG, hosting the majority of their weekly shows and all of their major shows as well.[4][5] With the creation of the IWRG Moreno abandoned the Naucalpan championships, instead introducing a series of IWRG branded championships, starting with the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship created on July 27, 1997,[6] followed by the IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship two months later.[7] IWRG also kept promoting the Distrito Federal Trios Championship, the only championship predating the foundation of the IWRG.[8] In 2007 Adolfo Moreno died, leaving his sons César and Marco Moreno to take ownership of both International Wrestling Revolution Group as well as Arena Naucalpan.[9]

Working with other promotions

IWRG often works together with other wrestling promotions, booking their wrestlers on IWRG shows and sending IWRG wrestlers to work for the other promotions. They also co-promote events, recognize non-IWRG championships and at times allow them to be defended on IWRG shows.

Último Dragón Gym/Toryumon Mexico

IWRG was affiliated with Último Dragón and Toryumon Mexico (Ultimo Dragon Gym) from the time of IWRG's creation until 2001. The early Toryumon Mexico shows were co-promoted by IWRG and Último Dragón in Naucalpan and students regularly worked on IWRG s shows. CIMA, SUWA, Yasushi Kanda, Susumu Mochizuki and Magnum Tokyo have all held IWRG championships through the working relationship.

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

IWRG developed a talent agreement with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in the early 2000s, which allowed them to use CMLL talent regularly, as well as being used by CMLL as a sort of developmental territory for young wrestlers. The two promotions had a falling out in late 2007, over IWRG booking El Hijo del Santo on their shows, in disregard of CMLL having stated that did not want any of their associates to use Hijo del Santo on their shows.

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

During a show on April 29, 2010 Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) wrestler Silver King showed up for the show, allegedly to promote a movie, to signal the beginning of IWRG and AAA working together for the first time.[10]

Pro Wrestling Noah

On December 5, 2019, it was announced that IWRG and Pro Wrestling Noah had entered into a talent-sharing partnership.[11]


Like many promotions on the Mexican independent circuit IWRG does not generally have wrestlers under exclusive full-time contracts and often works with a number of wrestlers on a "per appearance" basis. IWRG does employ a core group of wrestlers on a regular basis but does not have an official "roster" as such.

Major shows

Each year IWRG promotes a number of signature events, some shown on television and others only for the people in attendance. The major shows, shown in order of when they happen during the year, include:

Event Most recent/Next Date Notes
IWRG Anniversary Show January 1, 2018 Always held on or around January 1. Last event held was the IWRG 22nd Anniversary Show
El Protector February 25, 2018 Annual tag team tournament that sees a relative newcomer team up with a veteran wrestler. Latest event held was the 2016 El Protector[12]
La Guerra de Familias July 5, 2015 A tournament for wrestling "families", last event held was the Guerra de Familias (2015)
Guerra de Sexos February 5, 2012 IWRG's "Battle of the Sexes", main evented by a steel cage match that includes both male, female, Exotico and Mini-Estrella wrestlers. Last event held was the 2012 Guerra de Sexos.[13]
Rebelión de los Juniors March 18, 2018 Event that focuses on second-generation wrestlers. Last event held was the 2016 Rebelión de los Juniors[14]
Guerra del Golfo April 15, 2018 The losers of two multi-man steel cage matches face off in the main event steel cage match under Luchas de Apuestas rules where the loser would be either unmasked or shaved bald. Last event held was the 2016 Guerra del Golfo.[15]
Rey del Ring May 20, 2018 Annual event featuring a 30-man timed Battle Royal elimination match. Last event held was the 2016 Rey del Ring.
Legado Final July 30, 2017 Main event is the Torneo de Legado Final involving tag teams made up of fathers and sons, or other family members teaming together. Last event held was the 2015 Legado Final.[16]
Guerra de Empresas July 8, 2012 IWRG's War of the Promotions, a tournament where teams representing IWRG face teams representing other wrestling promotions.
Festival de las Máscaras June 17, 2018 Previously unmasked wrestlers are allowed to wear their old mask for one special event each year. Last event held was the 2016 Festival de las Máscaras
La Gran Cruzada August 20, 2017 Annual tournament, 30-man Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the Rey del Ring Championship. The most recent show was the 2015 Gran Cruzada show.[17]
Caravana de Campeones September 9, 2018 Event held several times a year, focusing on the various championships that IWRG promotes. IWRG most recently held the 2015 Caravana de Campeones show.[17]
Ruleta de la Muerte April 9, 2015 A "Loser advances" tournament with the last match being for the wrestler's mask or hair. Last event held was the 2015 Ruleta de la Muerte
El Castillo del Terror November 1, 2018 Main event is the eponymous Castillo del Terror steel cage match where the loser is unmasked or shaved bald as a result. Last event held was the 2016 Castillo del Terror show.[17]
Guerra Revolucionaria May 18, 2015 A 16-man Torneo Cibernetico elimination match.[18]
Prison Fatal July 23, 2017 Latest addition, a steel cage match main event. The most recent event was the 2017 Prison Fatal.
Arena Naucalpan Anniversary Show December 17, 2017 Celebrates the construction of IWRG's main venue, Arena Naucalpan. Most recent event was the Arena Naucalpan 39th Anniversary Show.


Active championships
Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Location Notes
IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship El Hijo del Espectro Jr. 1 September 16, 2021 299+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated Gianni Valletta at IWRG show.
IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship Dragon Bane 1 October 25, 2020 625+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated Demonio Infernal at IWRG show.
IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Championship Cerebro Negro 7 June 24, 2018 1,479+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated Emperador Azteca at IWRG show.
IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship Puma de Oro 1 July 15, 2021[19] 362+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated Baby Star Jr., Aster Boy, Lunatic Xtreme, Mr. Puma, Noicy Boy, Redimido and Sobredosis at IWRG Thursday Night for the vacant title.
IWRG Intercontinental Tag Team Championship Bryce Benjamin and Marshe Rockett 1
(1, 1)
December 1, 2019[20] 954+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated Los Traumas (Trauma I and Trauma II) in the finals of a six-team tournament to win the vacant titles at IWRG show.
IWRG Intercontinental Trios Championship Centella de Oro, Multifacético and Prayer 1
(1, 1, 1)
December 1, 2018 1,319+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico
IWRG Junior de Juniors Championship El Hijo del Alebrije 1 July 15, 2021 362+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated El Hijo del Espectro Jr. at IWRG Thursday Night.[19]
IWRG Rey del Ring Championship El Hijo de Canis Lupus 1 May 9, 2021 429+ Naucalpan, State of Mexico Defeated DMT Azul at IWRG Rey Del Ring for the vacant title.
Championship Current Champion(s) Held since Days held
IWRG Rey del Aire Championship Noisy Boy June 16, 2022[21] 26
IWRG Mexico Championship Toxin January 1, 2020[22] 923
Distrito Federal Trios Championship El Infierno Eterno (Demonio Infernal, Eterno, and Lunatic Xtreme) February 2, 2019[23] 1,256+
Inactive IWRG championships
Championship: Last champion(s): Date won:
IWRG Intercontinental Super Welterweight Championship Místico November 19, 2006[24]
IWRG Intercontinental Women's Championship La Amapola 2005[25]
IWC World Heavyweight Championship Pirata Morgan 1999[26]


IWRG conducts several annual tournaments which usually signify a big push. Some tournaments have been left off the schedule some years for unexplained reasons, others have been held several times in a year

Active tournaments

Tournament Last winner Last held Notes Ref(s).
Copa Higher Power Gimnasio Konkreto January 1, 2013 A tournament between IWRG's trainees and other wrestling gyms [27]
Gran Cruzada Mosco X-Fly September 6, 2015 Winner normally earns a match for the IWRG Rey del Ring Championship [28]
Guerra de Empresas Cibernético and La Parka July 8, 2012 A tournament featuring two or more promotions [29]
Torneo de Legado Final Dragón Celestial and El Hijo del Diablo August 2, 2015 A father/son tag team tournament [16]
El Protector Rokambole Jr. and Villano V Jr. February 25, 2018    
Rey del Ring Demonio Infernal May 19, 2019 Both an annual tournament and defended like a championship between tournaments. [30]

Past tournaments

These are tournaments that have been held in the past by IWRG but have not been promoted in the last two years.

Tournament Last winner Last held Notes Ref(s).
Proyeccion a Nuevas Promesas Comando Negro and Scorpio, Jr. January 13, 2011 Replaced with the El Protector tournament in 2011. [31]

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