Promociones Antonio Peña, S.A de CV[1]
Founded30 April 1992; 31 years ago (1992-04-30)
StyleProfessional wrestling
Lucha libre
Sports entertainment
HeadquartersMexico City
Founder(s)Antonio Peña
Owner(s)Marisela Peña
Dorian Roldán Peña
FormerlyAsistencia, Asesoría y Administración de Espectáculos[a] (1990s)
AAA (1990s–2015)
Split fromConsejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Promociones Antonio Peña, S.A. de C.V. d/b/a Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide[2] is a Mexican Lucha Libre (professional wrestling) promotion based in Mexico City, Mexico. Commonly referred to as simply AAA[3] (pronounced "triple A"; an abbreviation of its original name Asistencia, Asesoría y Administración de Espectáculos,[a] lit.'Attendance, Advisory, and Administration of Spectacles'), the promotion was founded in 1992 when Antonio Peña broke away from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) to set up a promotion, which allowed him more creative freedom. AAA has held a number of pay-per-views (PPV) over the years and has promoted shows not just in Mexico but in the United States and Japan as well.

In addition to the conventional "squared circle", the promotion occasionally uses a hexagonal wrestling ring and has a reputation for its outlandish gimmicks and characters as well as having developed a more extreme match style in recent years. Over the years, AAA has worked together with several American promotions, while currently having working relationships with other Mexican promotions.


First logo

AAA dates from April/May 1992, when Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) booker Antonio Peña broke with the company in favor of establishing his own group along with Konnan and much of the young and exciting talent from CMLL.[4] This left CMLL with a middle-aged roster and a seemingly bleak future. AAA also looked for talent from other markets, as they found and signed Tijuana natives Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Psicosis. The promotion flourished with top talent like El Hijo del Santo, Octagón, Blue Panther, the Casas brothers (Negro Casas and Heavy Metal) and possessed top draws in Los Gringos Locos, Cien Caras, Konnan, and Perro Aguayo. The rising popularity of AAA soon caused rival Universal Wrestling Association to go out of business, and Peña quickly signed up top draws including El Canek, Dos Caras and Los Villanos.

Logo of AAA Sin Límite program

AAA's "golden years" (from 1993–1995) peaked with the When Worlds Collide pay-per-view, promoted in conjunction with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and broadcast in the United States in 1994. Weeks after the show, Art Barr (a key member of Los Gringos Locos) died while visiting his family. As a result, AAA vacated the AAA Tag Team Championships, and this led to the departure of fellow stable-mates (in Los Gringos Locos) Eddie Guerrero and Madonna's Boyfriend. El Hijo del Santo also departed as a result of creative problems, and stars such as Fuerza Guerrera and Blue Panther soon left too when the Mexican economy began to slow down (which resulted in the company's inability to offer as much work). Many wrestlers, including Rey Misterio, Jr., Psicosis, La Parka, and Juventud Guerrera, would also depart to WCW in 1996, as well as Konnan's short-lived Promo Azteca promotion. In early 1997, AAA established a working agreement with the World Wrestling Federation, but the only significant outcome resulted in several luchadores featuring in the 1997 Royal Rumble. In the mid-1990s the name of the company was changed to simply be "AAA", pronounced "Triple A" as the company bought out Televisa and became independent.

AAA broadcasts shows regularly on Gala TV in Mexico and Univision TDN in Mexico and parts of the United States.

On October 6, 2006, founder Antonio Peña died of a heart attack. Following Peña's death his sister Marisela Peña manages AAA financially, while Peña's brother-in-law Joaquín Roldán and his son, Dorian Roldán Peña serve as operational managers. In 2008 Lucha Libre USA presented AAA's second U.S. pay-per-view, Legendary Battles of Triplemania.[5] In 2009 AAA announced the official release of a video game originally entitled AAA El Videojuego.[6] The game was later retitled Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring by the publisher of the game, with a release date of October 12, 2010.

Marisela Peña who co-directs this federation since 2018.

AAA developed a working relationship with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2004. Through the relationship, AAA sent the luchadores Juventud Guerrera, Héctor Garza, Abismo Negro, Heavy Metal, and Mr. Águila to TNA to compete in the America's X-Cup Tournament as a contingent known as Team Mexico. Team Mexico dominated the America's X-Cup Tournament, defeating Team USA in the first round before retaining the Cup against both Team Canada and Team Britain. They eventually lost at the World X-Cup, which saw Team USA defeat Team Canada and Team Mexico in the Ultimate X finals to win the Cup. For multiple reasons TNA and AAA broke off their working relationship late in 2004. TNA continued utilizing luchadores, but opted to contract them individually as opposed to working through AAA. In 2006, AAA and TNA teamed up again for an event in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, utilizing some of TNA's talent and stage (which includes the tunnel and lasers). This working relationship stopped after Konnan left TNA in June 2007 and filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against TNA, which was later dismissed.[7] TNA would later start a relationship with CMLL from 2007 to 2009, however TNA would once again start working together with AAA and exchange talent in February 2010.[8]

On January 12, 2014, it was announced that, with the backing of Mark Burnett, AAA would begin airing a show on American network El Rey in the second half of the year. The one-hour weekly program would be accompanied by monthly and quarterly specials as well as live pay-per-views.[9] The show, titled Lucha Underground, premiered on October 29, 2014.[10]

Beginning in March 2015, the company announced that it would be known as "Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide" from that point on, although it is still referred to mainly as AAA or "Triple A".[2]

On April 8, 2017, AAA General Manager Joaquín Roldán died.[11]

On 14 June, AAA began airing on FrontRunnerTV in the UK.

In April and May 2018, some fighters like Teddy Hart, Juventud Guerrera and Taurus made their return to the company wearing their Elite League jerseys, dealing with a possible alliance between AAA and Liga Elite. On June 4 in Verano de Escándalo, Jeff Jarrett (now a member of WWE Hall of Fame) returned after 3 years, where he beat Rey Wagner and Rey Mysterio Jr. to win the AAA Mega Championship with help from Konnan who also returned after 2 years.

On February 1, 2019, AAA announced the breakup relationship with Televisa after 27 years changing to the Multimedios television station.[12] However, on February 3 after the Super Bowl LIII broadcasts had concluded, AAA reached an agreement with TV Azteca to broadcast their show in Azteca 7.[13] On April 4, 2019, AAA announced in press conference that its first event in the United States called Invading NY that would be held in Madison Square Garden on September 15, 2019.[14] Later in the press conference AAA announced that would also held its second event in United States which is named Invading Los Angeles with the event taking place at The Forum in Inglewood, California on October 13, 2019.[15] On August 16, 2019, it was reported by Pro Wrestling Insider that AAA decided to run Hulu Theater instead of Madison Square Garden after meeting with MSG executives to move the venue of the event due to its poor ticket sales.[16]

In mid-March 2020, AAA began canceling or postponing its televised events following the COVID-19 pandemic, so the following month, a tournament called Lucha Fighters was created consisting of 12 luchadores and 8 luchadoras.

During the indefinite recess due to health contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, on July 20, 2020, AAA announced its project called "AutoLuchas" which consists of a events in Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez where fans could see through from a car.[17] On September 24, AAA announced that it would return to its first performances in early October after the announced project.[18]

On February 2, 2021, the company signed an alliance with SECTUR to promote Mexico's tourist destinations. bearing the name of the tour as "Lucha por la Identidad Nacional" including shows such as Rey de Reyes and Verano de Escándalo.

On August 14, Triplemanía XXIX was held at the Arena Ciudad de México, marking the first event with the return of fans but limited, this for biosecurity reasons. After this, Héroes Inmortales XIV was the second show that had an audience present, also albeit limited.

Old logo


Main article: List of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide personnel

International partnerships

In 1997, the company did business with United States's World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) promotion, bringing in a number of AAA wrestlers for the Royal Rumble event and namesake match.[19][20]

In April 2014, after TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, the man behind the AAA-TNA relationship, had left the company, he announced that his new Global Force Wrestling (GFW) promotion would begin working with the Mexican promotion though TNA and AAA would continue to work with each other being a part of the Lucha Libre World Cup on May 24, 2015.[21] When Jarrett returned to TNA in 2017, with the promotion now known as Impact Wrestling, it was announced that AAA and Impact would once again continue to be working together.[22]

In July 2015, Canadian-based International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) announced a talent partnership with AAA.[23][24]

In June 2018, AAA partnered with Mexican Lucha Libre Elite promotion officially announced a working relationship.[25]

In August 2018, AAA started a working agreement with American-based promotion Major League Wrestling (MLW).[26]

In February 2019, it was announced that AAA would be partnering with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).[27]

In 2020, Lucha Libre Factory Made Ventures, one of the producers of Lucha Underground, filed a lawsuit with AAA; claiming to have exclusive rights to distribute AAA events and merchandise outside of Mexico.[28][29]

Shows and tournaments

Main article: List of major Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide events

Each year AAA promotes a number of signature events and tournaments: some shown as pay-per-view events and others presented as TV Azteca television specials. The annual shows and tournaments, shown in order of occurrence during each year, include:

Event Previous date Notes
Rey de Reyes February 19, 2022 A tournament and show held traditionally in the early part of the year. The last event was Rey de Reyes 2022.
Triplemanía October 15, 2022 Traditionally AAA's biggest show of the year, their "WrestleMania" (PPV). The most recent event was Triplemanía XXX: Mexico City.
Verano de Escándalo August 5, 2022 Annual end of the summer event. Most Recent event was Verano de Escándalo 2022.
Héroes Inmortales October 9, 2021 Hosts the Copa Antonio Peña tournament in memory of AAA's founder; held around the anniversary of Peña's death. Renamed from Homenaje a Antonio Peña to Heroes Inmortales in 2009.
Guerra de Titanes December 14, 2019 AAA's end-of-year show, usually in December (PPV). Held in January in 2016, 2017 and 2018.[30]

Special tournaments

Event Last Date Notes
Lucha Libre World Cup October 10, 2017 International trios/tag team tournament.
Gladiators June 27, 2019 International trios/tag team tournament.

Championships and accomplishments

Since its inception AAA has placed very few restrictions on the number of championships it promotes, often allowing wrestlers to defend titles that do not technically belong within AAA, such as titles from the now defunct Universal Wrestling Association. While they allowed these to be defended and used to promote their wrestlers they're not officially listed as AAA titles and thus do not appear on this list. In December 2008 AAA announced it they will no longer recognize or promote any title that does not belong to AAA - ending the long-standing practice.[31]

Current championships

As of April 12, 2024.

Main article: List of current champions in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Successful defenses Location Notes Ref.
AAA Mega Championship Vacant Former champion El Hijo del Vikingo vacated the title due to an injury. [32]
Marvel Lucha Libre Championship Aracno 1 December 28, 2022 471 0 Acapulco, Guerrero Defeated Engañoso, Gran Mazo, El Leyenda Americana, Picadura Letal, and Terror Púrpura in a tournament final to win the inaugural championship at AAA Noche de Campeones.
The "Aracno" character has been portrayed by multiple wrestlers, it is uncertain what wrestler was portraying the character during the championship match.
AAA Latin American Championship Octagón Jr. 1 November 19, 2023 145 0 Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Defeated QT Marshall at Guerra de Titanes
AAA World Cruiserweight Championship Komander 1 September 23, 2023 202 0 Mexico City, D.F. Defeated Kuukai, Mecha Wolf 450, and SB Kento in a four-way match at a AAA television taping to win the vacant championship.
AAA World Mini-Estrella Championship Dinastía 1 March 16, 2019 1854 3 Mexico City, D.F. Defeated Mini Psycho Clown, Mini Monster Clown, Mini Murder Clown, La Parkita, and La Parkita Negra in a six-way match at the Vive Latino house show. [34]
La Leyenda Azul Blue Demon Championship Arez 1 December 28, 2022 471 0 Acapulco, Guerrero Defeated Taurus and Villano III Jr. in a three-way match to win the inaugural championship at AAA Noche de Campeones.
Similar to the original version of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, the La Leyenda Azul Blue Demon Championship will be defended once a year.
AAA World Tag Team Championship Sansón (back) and Forastero (front) Nueva Generacion Dinamita
(Sansón and Forastero)
1 November 19, 2023 145 0 Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Defeated Arez and Komander at Guerra de Titanes
AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship Abismo Negro Jr. and Flammer 1
(1, 1)
December 28, 2022 471 1 Acapulco, Guerrero Defeated Komander and Sexy Star II and Octagón Jr. and Lady Shani in a three-way mixed tag team match to win the vacant title at AAA Noche de Campeones. [33]
AAA World Trios Championship

Los Vipers
(Abismo Negro Jr., Psicosis (pictured), and Toxin)
1 July 21, 2023 266 0 Aguascalientes, Mexico Defeated Forastero, Sansón, and Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, who replaced El Cuatrero at Verano de Escándalo. [35]
AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Flammer 1 August 12, 2023 244 0 Mexico City, D.F. Defeated Taya at Triplemanía XXXI: Mexico City.

Retired championships

See also: List of Mexican National Championships

Championship Final champion(s) Date created Date retired
AAA Americas Heavyweight Championship Sangre Chicana February 2, 1996[36] 2006
AAA Americas Welterweight Championship Zorro[a] Unknown 1990s
AAA Campeón de Campeones Championship Cibernético June 15, 1996[37] 2005
AAA Fusión Championship El Hijo del Fantasma November 3, 2012 August 17, 2014
AAA Northern Middleweight Championship The Tigger prior to July 3, 2006 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since December 7, 2019
AAA Northern Light Heavyweight Championship Lemús Jr. prior to November 18, 2013 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since March 26, 2018
AAA Northern Women's Championship La Hiedra prior to November 17, 2014 Never officially retired, but no subsequent defenses have occurred
AAA Mascot Tag Team Championship El Alebrije and Cuije December 13, 2002 April 7, 2009[38]
(continued to be used on the independent circuit until 2011)
AAA Northern Tag Team Championship La División del Norte
(Kuas Extrem and Snaiper)
prior to February 15, 2004 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since 2017
AAA Parejas Increibles Tag Team Championship Cibernético and Konnan June 12, 2010[39] Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since 2010
(champion Konnan retired from wrestling in 2013)
AAA Americas Trios Championship Los Villanos
(Villano III, IV and V)
March 8, 1996[40] 1997
LLL Mini-Estrellas Championship Mascarita Sagrada 2000s 2000s
IWAS World Heavyweight Championship Konnan January 26, 1996 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since 1999 when AAA split from IWAS
IWAS World Light Heavyweight Championship Máscara Sagrada Jr. January 31, 1996 1999
(continued to be used on the independent circuit until the 2000s)
IWAS World Tag Team Championship Konnan and Rey Misterio Jr. prior to August 17, 1996 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since 1999 when AAA split from IWAS
IWC World Heavyweight Championship El Mesias November 13, 1993 September 16, 2007
IWC World Middleweight Championship Rey Misterio August 29, 1993 Never officially retired, but no defenses have occurred since 1995 when AAA split from IWC
IWC World Minis Championship Super Muñequito March 12, 1994 July 8, 1995
GPCW SUPER-X Monster Championship La Parka December 10, 2004 September 16, 2007
Mexican National Heavyweight Championship Charly Manson 1926[41] December 2008[31]
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Middleweight Championship Octagón 1933[42] December 2008[31]
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Welterweight Championship El Torero June 17, 1934 1998
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Cruiserweight Championship La Parka 1955 2007
Mexican National Mini-Estrella Championship Mascarita Sagrada 2000 1992 June 21, 2007
Mexican National Women's Championship Lady Apache November 13, 1983 December 8, 2008
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Tag Team Championship Octagón and La Parka June 14, 1957 December 25, 2011
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship La Rosa and La Sirenita April 10, 1990 1997
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Trios Championship Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera and El Signo March 10, 1985 2001
(continues to be used by CMLL)
Mexican National Atómicos Championship Chessman and Los Psycho Circus (Killer Clown, Psycho Clown and Zombie Clown)[43] August 9, 1996[44] January 24, 2009[31]
UWA World Heavyweight Championship Dr. Wagner Jr. August 15, 1977 October 7, 2011
UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship Chessman November 25, 1975 September 16, 2007
(continues to be used by JTO)

Other accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest winner Date won
Rey de Reyes Psycho Clown February 19, 2022
Copa Antonio Peña Pimpinela Escarlata October 9, 2021[45]
Alas de Oro El Hijo del Vikingo July 3, 2021
Copa Triplemania Niño Hamburguesa June 18, 2022
Lucha Capital (Women's) Keyra December 4, 2019
Lucha Capital (Men's) El Hijo del Vikingo December 4, 2019
Lucha Fighter (Men's) Pentagón Jr. May 9, 2020
Lucha Fighter (Women's) Lady Shani May 9, 2020

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