Premier Lacrosse League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2022 Premier Lacrosse League season
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SportField lacrosse
FounderMike Rabil and Paul Rabil
Inaugural season2019
No. of teams8
Countries United States
HeadquartersEl Segundo, California
Most recent
Waterdogs LC
(1st title)
Most titlesWhipsnakes LC
(2 titles)
TV partner(s)ESPN

Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is an American professional field lacrosse league, composed of 8 teams.[1] The league's inaugural season debuted on June 1, 2019, and included a 14-week tour-based schedule taking place in 12 major-market cities.[2] The league was founded by the American professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil and his brother Mike Rabil. Investors include The Chernin Group, The Raine Group and Joe Tsai.[3]


In September 2018, Bloomberg reported that Paul Rabil would be launching a new professional lacrosse league. The PLL would be a direct competitor to the more established Major League Lacrosse. The new league will provide professional lacrosse players with salaries, health care, and league equity.[4]

The league's media model radically differs from that of most North American professional sports leagues. A 2018 Sports Illustrated story on the then-prospective league pointed out that LeBron James' Instagram account "features virtually no clips of him playing basketball—those are the property of the NBA, meaning its owners." By contrast, the PLL open-sources its highlights, allowing players to freely use them to build their own personal brands. Additionally, PLL operates a full-time studio that produces other player-centered content.[5]

The PLL features eight teams, each with a 26-player roster. As opposed to tying teams to a specific market, the league tours 12 different "major market cities". The season includes 14 weeks, comprising 10 regular-season weekends, 1 all-star weekend, and 3 playoff weekends, running from June 1 through September 21, assuring there is no overlap with the NCAA Lacrosse or National Lacrosse League seasons.[6]

By October 2018, 140 players had been signed by the PLL. Of the 140 players are 86 All-Americans, 25 members of the U.S. national team, and 10 former Tewaaraton Award winners.[7][8] By December the league had signed 17 additional players.[9]


For the League's inaugural season, the PLL had the 6 founding teams draft a player in each of the 4 rounds. For the first round there was a random draw and the reverse the order every round. Archers had the first draft pick in the newly formed league, taking Pat Spencer making him the first player ever drafted in the PLL.[citation needed][10][11]

Media and business partners

Further information: Premier Lacrosse League on television

The league had an exclusive media rights agreement with NBC Sports Group,[12][13] until 2022, when the league signed a new media rights deal with ESPN.

IMG Academy is the official Preseason Training Facility.[14] Champion is the exclusive footwear and apparel brand.[15] Capital One Bank will be the official bank sponsor for the entire PLL and the jersey patch sponsor for the Atlas LC.[16] In February 2020, Ticketmaster signed a deal with the PLL to become the official ticket sales company of the league, as well as having their name added to the league's name, making it "Premier Lacrosse League Powered by Ticketmaster".[17] The PLL has an exclusive partnership with DraftKings, covering betting on the league's matches.[18] The league also partners with Gatorade, as the beverage company acts as one of the league's founding sponsors.[19] On July 22, 2021, HEX Performance was named the 'official laundry partner' of the PLL.[20]


Team Joined Head Coach
Archers Lacrosse Club 2019 Chris Bates
Atlas Lacrosse Club Ben Rubeor
Cannons Lacrosse Club 2021 Sean Quirk
Chaos Lacrosse Club 2019 Andy Towers
Chrome Lacrosse Club Tim Soudan
Redwoods Lacrosse Club Nat St. Laurent
Waterdogs Lacrosse Club 2020 Andy Copelan
Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club 2019 Jim Stagnitta


PLL Progression
Year Teams Games played
2019 6 teams 10 games
2020 7 teams group play
2021 8 teams 9 games
2022 10 games


The addition of the Waterdogs Lacrosse Club, a seventh team for the 2020 season, allows for natural bye weeks to occur for each team throughout the season. Paul Rabil first hinted at expansion in a post game interview after the 2019 Championship game and on January 1, 2020 the Premier Lacrosse League announced the Waterdogs identity.[21] An expansion draft took place on February 12 and an entry draft occurred on March 16 to build the new roster with veteran players.[22]


On December 16, 2020 it was announced that the PLL and MLL had merged under the banner of the PLL. The PLL would add the Boston Cannons for the 2021 season, rebranded as the Cannons Lacrosse Club, to bring the total PLL teams to eight.[23] Small tweaks to the former Boston Cannons branding resulted in a PLL crest and logo reveal on January 12, 2021.[24]


In July of 2022, Ticketmaster tracked a 38% growth in tickets purchased and attendance. The PLL also announced the approved Series D round of funding for the league which was being led by return investor The Chernin Group (TCG). Other investors include Blue Pool Capitol, Brett Jefferson, WWE, 35V, Kevin Durant, Rich Klieman, Wheelhouse Entertainment, and Pomp Investments.[25]

Championship history

Season Champions Score Runner-up Venue Location Attendance Game MVP
2019 Whipsnakes LC 12–11 (OT) Redwoods LC Talen Energy Stadium Chester, PA 12,556 Matt Rambo
2020 Whipsnakes LC 12–6 Chaos LC Zions Bank Stadium Herriman, Utah No Fans (Covid19) Zed Williams
2021 Chaos LC 14-9 Whipsnakes LC Audi Field Washington, D.C. 16,322 +\- Blaze Riorden
2022 Waterdogs LC 11-9 Chaos LC Subaru Park Chester, PA 14,000 +\- Michael Sowers

Active Awards

Jim Brown Most Valuable Player

Year Player Team Position
2019 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes LC Attack
2020 Zed Williams Whipsnakes LC Attack
2021 Blaze Riorden Chaos LC Goalie
2022 Trevor Baptiste Atlas LC Faceoff

Eamon McEneaney Attackman of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes LC
2020 Zed Williams Whipsnakes LC
2021 Grant Ament Archers LC
2022 Lyle Thompson Cannons LC

Gait Brothers Midfielder of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Tom Schreiber Archers LC
2020 Tom Schreiber Archers LC
2021 Zach Currier Waterdogs LC
2022 Tom Schreiber Archers LC

Dave Pietramala Defensive Player of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Jarrod Neumann Chaos LC
2020 Matt Dunn Whipsnakes LC
2021 Graeme Hossack Archers LC
2022 JT Giles-Harris Chrome LC

Brodie Merrill Long Stick Midfielder of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LC
2020 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LC
2021 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LC
2022 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LC

Paul Cantabene Faceoff Athlete of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Trevor Baptiste Atlas LC
2020 Joe Nardella Whipsnakes LC
2021 Trevor Baptiste Atlas LC
2022 Trevor Baptiste Atlas LC

George Boiardi Short Stick Midfielder of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Dominique Alexander Archers LC
2020 Ty Warner Whipsnakes LC
2021 Danny Logan Atlas LC
2022 Danny Logan Atlas LC

Oren Lyons Goalie of the Year

Year Player Team
2019 Blaze Riorden Chaos LC
2020 Blaze Riorden Chaos LC
2021 Blaze Riorden Chaos LC
2022 Kyle Bernlohr Whipsnakes LC

Rookie of the Year

Year Player Team Position
2019 Tim Troutner Redwoods LC Goalie
2021 Jeff Teat Atlas LC Attack
2022 Brendan Nichtern Chrome LC Attack

Dick Edell Coach of the Year

Year Coach Team
2019 Andy Towers Chaos LC
2021 Andy Copelan Waterdogs LC
2022 Tim Soudan Chrome LC

Jimmy Regan Teammate of the Year

Year Player Team Position
2019 Mark Glicini Chaos LC Midfield
2021 Jack Kelly Redwoods LC Goalie
2022 Brodie Merrill Cannons LC Defense

Brendan Looney Leadership Award

Year Player Team Position
2019 Kyle Harrison Redwoods LC Midfield
2021 Kyle Harrison Redwoods LC Midfield
2022 Jordan MacIntosh Chrome LC Midfield

Dave Huntley Sportsmanship Award

Year Player Team Position
2019 Connor Farrell Chrome LC Faceoff
2021 Eric Law Atlas LC Attack
2022 Eric Law Atlas LC Attack

Welles Crowther Humanitarian Award

Year Player Team Position
2019 Scott Ratliff Archers LC Long-stick midfield
2021 Lyle Thompson Cannons LC Attack
2022 Lyle Thompson Cannons LC Attack

Hall of Fame

On February 15, 2022, the Premier Lacrosse League announced the inaugural class of the Professional Lacrosse Hall of Fame. In order to be eligible for selection, a player must:

The inaugural class was:[26]







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