Memphis Championship Wrestling
FoundedFebruary 20, 2000
Defunctc. 2001
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee, United States
Owner(s)Terry Golden

Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW) was a professional wrestling promotion run by Terry Golden, based in Memphis, Tennessee.[1] The promotion's first event was on February 20, 2000, and it remained active until mid-2001. It was employed as a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) developmental territory.


Terry Golden originally opened his Memphis-based promotion as Kick-Ass Wrestling, and it was later renamed to Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW).[2]

During June 2001 after the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) purchased World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the WWF dropped MCW as their developmental territory.[2][3] Wrestlers were either sent to other developmental territories or fired, but they had to perform in the remaining scheduled MCW shows per their contracts.[3]


MCW's television show Unleashed! aired on WLMT-TV every Saturday morning at 11:00 am and early Sunday morning at 1:30 am. The show was hosted by Lance Russell, David Webb, David Jett, with Kevin Kelly also later hosting.

After the promotion closed, the MCW television show was made up of candid interviews with many of the departing talents.[2] Later, these television shows were made up of old replays before it was eventually dropped by the television station.



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