AAW Wrestling
StyleProfessional wrestling
HeadquartersBerwyn, Illinois
Founder(s)Patrick Chites
Owner(s)Danny Daniels
FormerlyAll American Wrestling

AAW Wrestling (AAW) or AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined and formerly known as All American Wrestling, is an American independent professional wrestling promotion, based in the Chicago area – originally holding shows in Berwyn, Illinois, and now in Merrionette Park.[1][2]


The company was established in 2004 in Berwyn, Illinois. Events were largely held in the Berwyn Eagles Club until 2015, when a majority of shows began being held at 115 Bourbon St. in Merrionette Park, Illinois. Currently, events are held at the Logan Square Auditorium and 115 Bourbon Street among others. AAW has also held events in Illinois in Carpentersville, Highwood, Milan, Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Pontiac, as well as in Iowa in Davenport and Donahue.

AAW originally stood for All American Wrestling but has been simply recognized as AAW since the start of 2007. Tony Scarpone owned and ran AAW from its start in 2004 through May 2005, when Danny Daniels and Jim Lynam began running the company. Daniels and Lynam then purchased AAW in December 2005.


As of February 22, 2024 Complete championship histories are available by clicking the links in the Championship column in the table below.

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Location Note Ref.
AAW Heavyweight Championship Davey Vega 1 September 1, 2022 539+ Chicago, IL Defeated Mat Fitchett at Destination Chicago 2022. [3]
AAW Heritage Championship Davey Vega 2 September 1, 2022 539+ Chicago, IL Defeated Ace Austin at Destination Chicago 2022.
AAW Tag Team Championship Russ Jones & Schaff 1
April 14, 2023 [4]
AAW Women's Championship Masha Slamovich 1 April 29, 2022 664+ Chicago, IL Defeated Skye Blue at Never Say Die. [5]


Male wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
A. C. H. Albert Hardie Jr. AAW Tag Team Champion
Ace Austin[6] Austin Higley Impact Wrestling
Ace Perry Unknown
Alexander Hammerstone Alex Rohde
Brayden Lee[7] Unknown
Dante Leon[8] Unknown
Davey Vega[9] Unknown AAW Heritage Champion
Eddie Kingston[10] Edward Moore All Elite Wrestling
Fred Yehi[11] Unknown
Hakim Zane[12] Rohit Raju
Hartenbower[13] Unknown
Jah-C[14] Unknown AAW Tag Team Champion
Jake Lander[15] Unknown
Jake Something[16] Jacob Doyle AAW Heavyweight Champion
Josh Alexander[17] Joshua Lemay Impact Wrestling
Mance Warner[18] Quirt Miller
Mat Fitchett[19] Unknown
Myron Reed[20] Unknown
Ren Jones[21] Unknown
Russ Jones[22] Unknown
Schaff[23] Unknown
Steve Manders[24] Steve Manders
Thomas Shire[25] Unknown
Travis Titan[26] Unknown
Xavier Walker[27] Unknown

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Allie Katch[28] Unknown
Allysin Kay[29] Allysin Kay
Christi Jaynes[30] Unknown AAW Women's Champion
Heather Reckless[31] Unknown
Hyan[32] Unknown
Jody Threat[33] Unknown
Sierra[34] Unknown
Skye Blue[35] Skye Dolecki All Elite Wrestling

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