Israel-Nachrichten (meaning "Israel news") was a German language daily newspaper published in Tel Aviv.

The paper was founded in October 1935 by Siegfried Blumenthal, a Jewish merchant from Berlin. By 1950 it was one of the best selling newspapers in Israel.

Initially it was called S. Blumenthal's Private Correspondenz (1935-1936), then Blumenthal's Neuste Nachrichten (1937-1943), then Neuste Nachrichten (1943-1973). In Hebrew it was known as "Yediot Hadashot." The content was in German except for a period in 1948 when part of the content was in Hebrew. 1974 it was sold to a large publishing company. From now on it was called Israel Nachrichten (Chadashoth Israel).

The 100,000 German-speaking Jews in Israel and German-speaking Jews worldwide were the target readership.

From 1975 until 2007, the editor-in-chief was Alice Schwarz-Gardos. She was the oldest editor-in-chief of a newspaper worldwide (born 31 August 1916 in Vienna).

Due to financial reasons, the paper was discontinued in January 2011.