Almadina cover
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Rana Asali
Founder(s)Kamil Silbak
HeadquartersHaifa, Israel

Al-Madina (Arabic: المدينة, meaning The City) is an Arabic local newspaper, printed weekly in tabloid format, published and distributed for free in Israel.


Al-Madina appears in two editions. One edition is published in Haifa and distributed in the north of Israel in 15,000 copies since 2004. Its editor-in-chief is Firas Khatib.[1] Until 2006, the editor-in-chief was Ala Hlehel, an Arab-Israeli writer and two-time winner of the[2] A. M. Qattan Foundation Literature Awards. The other edition is published in Tel Aviv, with 12,000 copies distributed throughout central Israel since 2006. The editor-in-chief is Ghaleb Kiwan, who is also a news reporter for Arabic-language broadcasts on the Israeli cable provider HOT.[3]

In addition to international, national and local news coverage, the paper publishes opinion pieces and articles on health, sports, arts and culture.

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