Kyrgyz Ground Forces
Кыргызстандын Кургактагы Аскерлер
Kyrǵyzstan Kurgaktagy Askerler
Uniform sleeve patch of the Kyrgyz Armed Forces
Founded25 January 2017
Country Kyrgyzstan
Part ofArmed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic
ColorsRed and Yellow
MarchMarch "Kyz kuumai" (Кыз Куумай)
Commander-in-chiefSadyr Japarov
Commander of the ArmyColonel Almazbek Karasartov
Military Ensign (Kyrgyz, obverse)
Military Ensign (Russian, reverse)

The Kyrgyz Ground Forces, also commonly known as the Kyrgyz Army is the land force branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.


The parade contingent from the Panfilov Division during the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade on Red Square in 2010.

In April 1992, Kyrgyzstan formed a State Committee for Defense Affairs, and in June the republic took control of all troops on its soil (meaning remaining units of the stationed in Kyrgyzstan).[1] In 1994, 30 percent of the officer corps were ethnic Russians.[2] The first commander was General Valentin Luk'yanov [ru], an ethnic Ukrainian.[3] In Russian sources Luk'yanov is listed as the commander of the 8th Guards Motor Rifle Division from 1985-91.[4]

On January 25, 2017, President Almazbek Atambayev officially founded the Kyrgyz Army, with Colonel Erlis Terdikbayev acting as its first commander.[5]


Ground forces are divided into 2 military commands, the Northern and Southern Groups of Forces.[6][7]

Northern Group of Forces

Southern Group of Forces


Small arms

Name Origin Caliber Image Notes
Makarov  Soviet Union 9×18mm Makarov
Stechkin  Soviet Union 9×18mm Makarov
Rifles and carbines
SKS  Soviet Union 7.62×39mm Ceremonial usage
AKS-74U  Soviet Union 5.45×39mm Standard carbine
Assault rifles
AK-47  Soviet Union 7.62×39mm [13]
AKM  Soviet Union 7.62×39mm [14]
AK-74  Soviet Union 5.45×39mm
AN-94  Russian Federation 5.45×39mm 60 donated by Russia in 2012[15]
QBZ-95  China 5.8×42mm DBP87 [16]
M4 Carbine  United States 5.56x45mm NATO
Designated marksman rifles
SVD Dragunov  Soviet Union 7.62×54mmR [17]
MKEK JNG-90  Turkey 7.62×51mm [18]
Machine guns
RPK  Soviet Union 7.62×39mm
RPK-74  Soviet Union 5.45×39mm
PK machine gun  Soviet Union 7.62×54mmR [19]
NSV  Soviet Union 12.7×108mm
Rocket Launchers
HAR-66  Turkey [20]


Name Origin Type In service Notes
Armoured fighting vehicles
T-72  Soviet Union Main battle tank 215[citation needed] At least one lost in the 2022 Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan clashes.[citation needed]
BTR-80  Soviet Union Amphibious armoured personnel carrier 30[21]
BTR-70  Soviet Union Amphibious armoured personnel carrier 40[21]
Humvee  United States Light armoured car 50
Dongfeng EQ2050  China Military light utility vehicle Up to 65 Showed the 30th anniversary of the country's independence at the parade.[citation needed] At least one was lost in the 2022 Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan clashes.[22]
BRDM-2  Soviet Union Amphibious armoured personnel carrier 39[21]
BRDM-2MS  Soviet Union Amphibious armoured personnel carrier 9[23]
BMP-1  Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicle 230[21] All modernized.[citation needed]
BMP-2  Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicle 90[21] All modernized.[citation needed]
Tigr  Russia Infantry mobility vehicle Up to 100[24] 55 vehicles purchased recently, and 50 vehicles donated from Russia in 2018. Others all purchased during previous years.[25]
Toyota[26]  Japan Infantry mobile vehicle 40 Announced on 23 October 2021.[27]
122mm howitzer D-30  Soviet Union Howitzer 107[21] 35 are the M-30 standard.[citation needed]
152mm howitzer D-1  Soviet Union Howitzer 96[21]
100mm field gun BS-3  Soviet Union Field gun 35[21]
2A65 MSTA-B  Soviet Union Howitzer N/A
T-12  Soviet Union Field gun 38[21] 100mm round
Self-propelled artillery
2S1 Gvozdika  Soviet Union Self-propelled howitzer 52[21]
2S9 Nona  Soviet Union Self-propelled howitzer 12[28]
Anti-tank weapons
9M14 Malyutka  Soviet Union Anti-tank missile 26[23]
9M113 Konkurs  Soviet Union Anti-tank missile 12[23]
9K111 Fagot  Soviet Union Anti-tank weapon 24[23]
Anti aircraft guns and Air defense system
S-300  Russia Long-range surface-to-air missile system N/A[29] Russia and Kyrgyzstan signed an inter-governmental agreement on cooperation in military-technical field, by which Russia must ship $1 billion worth of modern weapons to the republic.[30]
ZU-23-2  Soviet Union Anti-aircraft autocannon N/A
Strela-10  Soviet Union VM surface-to-air missile system 4[31]
ZSU-23-4 Shilka  Soviet Union Self-propelled anti aircraft gun 24[23]
Flying Leopard 6C[32]  China Short-range surface-to-air missile system N/A[33] Leopard 6C short-range air defense system was seen during the exercises of the Kyrgyz army in the Bujum training field in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan in September 2020. It's capable to shot down by 500–600 km.[citation needed]
AZP S-60  Soviet Union Anti-aircraft gun 24[23]
Multiple rocket launchers
Iskander-M  Russia Short-range ballistic missile N/A Russia sent Iskander-M ballistic missile to Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan in 2018 to Kyrgyz military's drill.[34]
BM-21 Grad  Soviet Union Multiple rocket launcher 15[21]
BM-27 Uragan  Soviet Union Multiple rocket launcher 6[21]
Utility vehicles
Ford Ranger  United States Pickup truck-attacking defender 45[35] Showed the 30th anniversary of the country's independence at the parade.[citation needed]
Polaris  United States Quad 44[35]
Toyota Hilux  Japan Pick up truck 45
UAZ Hunter  Russia Pick up truck Up to 140 Supported by Russia as military gift which presented on 15 January 2019.[citation needed]
KamazAZ-43114  Russia Pick up truck N/A Only small amount taken from Russia as a gift which 15 January 2019. Others all purchased from Russia and other post-soviet countries.[36]
KamAZ-53215[37]  Russia Freight carrier N/A Only small amount taken from Russia as a gift which 15 January 2019. Others all purchased from Russia and other post-soviet countries.[36]
KamAZ-5350KamAZ-4350  Russia Freight carrier N/A Some of them is taken for free from Russia, others all purchased.[citation needed]
Shaanxi SX2190  China Off-road vehicle N/A[citation needed]


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