Leopold I of Styria
Margrave of Styria
PredecessorOttokar II
SuccessorOttokar III
DiedOctober 1129
SpouseSophie of Austria
FatherOttokar II
MotherElisabeth of Austria

Leopold I of Styria, known as "the Brave"[1] or "the Strong",[1] served as the Margrave of Styria from 1122 until his death in 1129.[1]

Origin and family

Margrave Leopold I of Syria belonged to the House of Traungauer, a cadet branch stemming from the House of Otakar. He was born to Margrave Otakar II of Styria and Elisabeth of Austria. Leopold I entered into matrimony with Sophie, the widowed spouse of Duke Berthold III of Zähringen. They together had three children: Elisabeth, Margarethe, and their son and heir, Margrave Otakar III of Styria.[1]


Leopold was actively involved in the governance of the realm during his father's reign, often referred to as "junior margrave" in historical documents. Following the death of his father, Otakar II of Styria, in 1122, Leopold inherited the title of Margrave of Styria,[1] a pivotal moment often regarded as the "birth of Styria." He embarked on an ambitious endeavor to establish new municipalities and cities, contributing to the growth and development of the region.Leopold's attention also turned towards expanding his influence into territories held by the House of Eppenstein in Carinthia. Through diplomatic maneuvering and military campaigns, he successfully acquired key regions such as "Mark an der Mur," previously under Carinthian control.Furthermore, Leopold sought to integrate additional territories into his margraviate, including the Margrave in Ennstal and the City of Leoben.[2] Together he and his heir, he expanded the territorial reach of Styria, extending as far as Semmering.[3] Following the passing of Leopold I of Styria in October 1129, Sophie assumed regency over Styria for an extended period due to the young age of his son Margrave Ottokar III of Stryia, who was just 4 years old at the time of Leopold's demise.

Leopold (left, in red clothes), Margrave of Styria


Leopold I of Styria, as the Margrave of Styria, built and founded numerous cities during his reign. Among the most notable are:


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Otakar I of Styria
Otakar II of Styria
Leopold I of Styria
Leopold II of Austria
Adelaide of Eilenburg
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Preceded byOttokar II Margrave of Styria 1122–1129 Succeeded byOttokar III