Ennstal Alps
German: Ennstaler Alpen
Hochtor - Ödstein Group (Gesäuse) (from right to left) as seen from Hoher Zinken in the south
Highest point
Elevation2,369 m (7,772 ft)
Coordinates47°33′42″N 14°37′50″E / 47.56167°N 14.63056°E / 47.56167; 14.63056
Ennstal Alps (in red) within the Alps.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
StatesStyria and Upper Austria
Range coordinates47°37′N 14°35′E / 47.617°N 14.583°E / 47.617; 14.583
Parent rangeNorthern Limestone Alps

The Ennstal Alps (German Ennstaler Alpen), the Alps of the Enns valley, are a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps System. They are located primarily in the Austrian state of Styria, and also into the state of Upper Austria.

The most famous scenery in the Ennstal Alps is the Gesäuse, a valley where the Enns river cuts through the limestone.


The Ennstal Alps range is defined by:

Peaks + mountain groups

Mountain groups that are part of the Ennstal Alps include:

Panoramic view of the Ennstal Alps.

Gesäuse − Enns river valley

Gesäuse, the Enns river valley in the Ennstal Alps.
View over the ridge of the Haller Mauern (Admonter Warte) to the Gesäuse Mountains.

The Ennstal Alps range is pierced in the north by the Enns river. The Enns river valley name in German is Gesäuse. The valley is accompanied by the only roads and railway lines that run through the Ennstal Alps.

Adjacent mountain ranges

Other Alps mountain ranges that border on the Ennstal Alps include:


Settlement within the range is restricted to the Gesäuse and several mountain valleys.

Towns in valleys around the perimeter of the range include: Leoben, Liezen, and Eisenerz.

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