This is a list of Black Panther supporting characters.

Family tree of T'Challa

Black Panther family tree
The Black Panther
of 1,000,000 BC
Ashake of Egypt
Unknown number of generationsAyesha of Balobedu
Olumo Bashenga
Black Panther
Ashake of Meroë
Unknown number of generationsUnknown number of generations
Black Panther
Queen of KenyaAchmed El-GibarAinet
S'Yan the Fast
Black Panther
Black Panther
N'YamiColonel ShetaniN'Dare MunroeDavid Munroe
The Cannibal
Black Panther
Doctor Doom
[n 1]
The White Wolf
Dora MilajeT'Challa Haramu-Fal
Black Panther
Ororo Iquadi Munroe
Queen Divine Justice
Ce'Athauna Asira Davin
Nakia Shauku
Nakia (Malice)
Black Panther
Azari T'Challa T'Chaka
Black Panther
N'Jobu[n 2]AnekaAyoXoliswa[n 2]Nareema
Erik Killmonger / Black Panther
[n 2]
[n 3]
  1. ^ In the continuity of the Marvel Mangaverse only.
  2. ^ a b c In the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe only.
  3. ^ In the continuity of the Ultimate Marvel imprint only.

Immediate Family

Black Panthers

These are the known Black Panthers besides T'Challa:

Love interests

T'Challa had different love interests.

Supporting characters

Wakandan inhabitants

Dora Milaje

A group of warrior women who served as Black Panther's professional bodyguards. They are known as the Adored Ones. They are highly skilled in the use of various weapons and styles of martial art.

Wakandan Pantheon

Wakandan Tribes

Other characters



The following are the known enemies of Black Panther:


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