This is a list of owners and executives of the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball club since its inception as an expansion team in 1977.


Name Years
Stanley Golub, Danny Kaye, Walter Schoenfeld, Lester Smith, James Stillwell Jr. and James A Walsh 1976–1981
George Argyros 1981–1989
Jeff Smulyan, Emmis Broadcasting, Michael Browning and the Morgan Stanley Group, Inc., with Smulyan as chairman 1989–1992
Nintendo of America, represented by CEO Howard Lincoln 1992–2016[1][2]
Baseball Club of Seattle, LP, represented by CEO John Stanton 2016–present[3]

President of Baseball Operations

Name Years
Jerry Dipoto 2021—

General managers

Name Years
Dick Vertlieb 1977—1978
Lou Gorman 1979—1980
Dan O'Brien Sr. 1981—1982
Hal Keller 1983—1985
Dick Balderson 1986—1988
Woody Woodward 1989—1999
Pat Gillick 2000—2003
Bill Bavasi 2003—2008
Lee Pelekoudas (Interim) 2008
Jack Zduriencik 2008—2015
Jerry Dipoto 2015—2021
Justin Hollander 2022—

Other executives

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