Majority owners

Name Years
Labatt Brewing Company 1976–1995
Interbrew 1995–2000
Rogers Communications 2000–present

Presidents and CEOs

Name Years
Peter Bavasi 1977–1981
Peter Hardy 1982-1989
Paul Beeston 1989-1997
Sam Pollock 1998-1999
Paul Godfrey 2000-2008
Paul Beeston 2008–2015
Mark Shipiro 2015-present

General Managers

Name Years
Peter Bavasi 1977
Pat Gillick 1978–1994
Gord Ash 1995–2001
J. P. Ricciardi 2002–2009
Alex Anthopoulos1 2010–2015
Tony LaCava (interim) 2015
Ross Atkins 2015–present

Other executives


1.^ On October 29, 2015, Anthopoulos reported that he would not return as general manager next season.[1][2]


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