Electric railways in Sweden are powered from a single-phase AC supply of 15 kV at 16+23 Hz, as used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unlike these countries, the 132 kV traction current grid covers only part of the country, approximately north of Stockholm. This grid is fed by frequency converters and has no generation nor transmission lines from Norway, which uses the same traction current system. Formerly, the Porjus Hydroelectric Power Station provided electric power to the traction network. In the future the Älvkarleby Hydroelectric Power Station may be connected to the traction network, as this would increase stability of the power grid of the railway system. Separate from the 132 kV grid is a 30 kV line connection between Mon and Varp substation north of Gothenburg.

Also the overhead wire system has some differences. It is common, that the pylons for the overhead wire also carry a three phase AC system. In order to reduce counts of substations, the voltage at the substations for the overhead wire is 32 kV at some lines (AT-System). However trains require 16 kV and therefore auto transformers are used, which have a central connection connected with the grounded railway, while the other connections are connected to the 32 kV output. The voltage between this central connection to the phase is 16 kV. The other pole to ground is also 16 kV, but with opposite polarity and runs along the track on the overhead wires until separation section. Other lines are fed directly with 16 kV from the substations. However differential transformers are used for feeding, in order to eliminate jamming signals.


Decentralized Converter Stations

Converter Stations only feeding power into overhead wire.

Place County Technology Power Year of inauguration
Alingsås Västra Götaland Rotary Converter, Static Inverter
Alvesta Kronoberg Rotary Converter
Älvsjö Stockholm Static Inverter
Åstorp Skåne Static Inverter
Duved Jämtland Rotary Converter
Eksund Östergötland Static Inverter
Eldsberga Halland Static Inverter
Emmaboda Kalmar Rotary Converter
Eskilstuna Södermanland Static Inverter
Falköping Västra Götaland Rotary Converter
Gällivare Norrbotten Rotary Converter
Hässleholm Skåne Rotary Converter, Static Inverter
Jakobshyttan Östergötland Rotary Converter
Järna Stockholm Static Inverter
Kil Värmland Rotary Converter
Kiruna Norrbotten Rotary Converter
Kristinehamn Värmland Rotary Converter
Malmö Skåne Static Inverter
Mellerud Västra Götaland Rotary Converter
Mjölby Östergötland Rotary Converter
Moholm Västra Götaland Rotary Converter, Static Inverter
Mora Dalarna Rotary Converter
Murjek Norrbotten Rotary Converter
Nässjö Jönköping Static Inverter
Nyköping Södermanland Rotary Converter
Olskroken Västra Götaland Static Inverter
Ösmo Stockholm Rotary Converter
Östersund Jämtland Rotary Converter
Ottebol Värmland Rotary Converter
Ramvik Västernorrland Rotary Converter
Sjömarken Västra Götaland Rotary Converter
Sköldinge Södermanland Rotary Converter
Stenbacken Norrbotten Rotary Converter
Tornehamn Norrbotten Rotary Converter
Uddevalla Västra Götaland Rotary Converter
Varberg Halland Rotary Converter
Västerås Västmanland Static Inverter
Ystad Skåne Static Inverter

Centralized Converter Stations

Converter Stations, which also feed power into 132 kV single phase AC grid.

Place County Technology Power Year of inauguration
Ånge Västernorrland Static Inverter
Bastuträsk Västerbotten Static Inverter
Borlänge Dalarna Static Inverter
Boden Norrbotten Static Inverter/ Rotary Converter
Häggvik Stockholm Rotary Converter
Mellansel Västernorrland Static Inverter
Ockelbo Gävleborg Static Inverter


Substations fed from 132 kV single phase AC grid.

Place County
Bäckhaga Örebro
Bispgården Jämtland
Dalstorp Västerbotten
Dockmyr Jämtland
Frövi Örebro
Gävle Gävleborg
Gnarp Gävleborg
Habo Uppsala
Holmsjön Västernorrland
Hudiksvall Gävleborg
Jönssen Gävleborg
Jörn Västerbotten
Kullsbjörken Dalarna
Ljusdal Gävleborg
Ludvika Dalarna
Långträsk Norrbotten
Norrfors Västerbotten
Odensala Stockholm
Ramsjö Gävleborg
Ryggen Dalarna
Storvik Gävleborg
Sundsvall Västernorrland
Söderhamn Gävleborg
Tierp Uppsala
Uppsala Uppsala
Viskan Västernorrland
Vännäs Västerbotten
Älvsbyn Norrbotten
Österåsen Västernorrland

30 kV-line Mon-Varp

Endpoints of 30 kV-interconnection Mon-Varp.

Place County
Mon Västra Götaland
Varp Västra Götaland

Other remarkable points

Crossing-point of traction current power line and HVDC Fenno-Skan 2 (only crossing point of HVDC overhead line and single-phase AC overhead powerline in the world): 60°28′45.2″N 17°14′11″E / 60.479222°N 17.23639°E / 60.479222; 17.23639 (Traction current power line Tierp-Gävle crosses HVDC Fenno-Skan 2).

The railway on the Öresund bridge is fed with Danish standard voltage, 25 kV 50 Hz AC, along around 6 km within Swedish borders. The power is supplied from Denmark. The system limit is at Lernacken, near the bridge abutment.

Two local railways in Stockholm County, Roslagsbanan and Saltsjöbanan, as well as Stockholm Metro and all tramways are run on DC power.