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SNCF Class B 81500, an example of an electro-diesel multiple unit
SNCF Class B 81500, an example of an electro-diesel multiple unit

An electro-diesel multiple unit (EDMU) or bi-mode multiple unit (BMU) is a form of a multiple unit that can be powered either by electric power picked up from the overhead lines or third rail (like an electric multiple unit – EMU) or by using an onboard diesel engine, driving an electric generator, which produces AC or DC electric power (like a diesel-electric multiple unit – DEMU).[1][2]

List of BMUs

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Two variants of the China Railway CR200J-SG Fuxing (HXD1D-J and FXN3-J) high-speed train are electro-diesel (bi-mode) multiple units specifically designed for plateau operation. They are HXD1D-J manufactured by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive and FXN3-J manufactured by CRRC Dalian. Two variants are served on Sichuan–Tibet railway.[3]



NSW TrainLink Regional Train Project is building 117 bi-mode carriages (1.5 kV DC) to replace its diesel fleet of interstate and regional XPT, Xplorer and Endeavour trainsets to be delivered by CAF from 2023.



SNCF B 82500 BMU

Bombardier has built dual-mode variants of its AGC series[4] for the French operator SNCF; the electricity is collected by means of a pantograph.




EN63H West Pomerian Voivodeship exploited by Porlegio.
EN63H West Pomerian Voivodeship exploited by Porlegio.


United Kingdom

British Rail Class 802

Electro-diesel multiple units whose electricity source is 25 kV 50 Hz AC overhead line include:

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