The following is a list of journals and magazines in the field of mycology:

Title Location/Publisher Years
Annales Mycologici Berlin, Germany 1903–1944, continued as Sydowia
Belarra Sociedad Micologica Barakaldo 1975–
Bulletin of the British Mycological Society British Mycological Society 1967–1986, replaced by Mycologist
Coolia Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging (Netherlands Mycological Society)
Experimental Mycology New York, Orlando 1977–1995, Continued by Fungal Genetics and Biology
Field Mycology British Mycological Society 2000–
Fungal Biology British Mycological Society 2010–
Fungal Biology Reviews British Mycological Society 2007–
Fungal Diversity Hong Kong 1998–
Fungal Ecology British Mycological Society 2008–
Fungal Genetics and Biology Orlando 1995–, Continues Experimental Mycology
Herzogia Vaduz 1968–
International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
Journal of Fungi MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) 2015–
Journal of Mycology Manhattan 1885–1908, replaced by Mycologia
Medical Mycology Taylor and Francis, Volume 1–23 published as Sabouraudia and Volumes 24–33 published as Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology 1972–
MycoKeys Pensoft Publishers, Bulgaria 2011-
Mycologia Mycological Society of America, New York 1909–
Mycological Progress German Mycological Society 2002–
Mycological Research British Mycological Society 1989–2009, replaced by Fungal Biology
Mycologist British Mycological Society 1987–2006, continued as Fungal Biology Reviews
Mycopathologia Kluwer Academic Publishers 1938–, Volumes 5 (1950) to 54 (1974) were published as Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata
Mycoscience Elsevier, Tokyo (Mycological Society of Japan)
Mycoses Blackwell Publishing
Mycotaxon Mycotaxon Ltd. 1974–
New Zealand Journal of Botany Royal Society of New Zealand 1963–
Nova Hedwigia 1959–
Ohio Mycological Bulletin Columbus, Ohio 1903–1908
The Open Mycology Journal Bentham Open
Persoonia National Herbarium of the Netherlands 1959–
Studies in Mycology Utrecht, CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre 1972–
Sydowia Vienna, Austria/Print Office Berger 1947–
Transactions of the British Mycological Society British Mycological Society 1897–1988, continued as Mycological Research

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