Lowcountry Highrollers
League logo
Metro areaCharleston, SC
CountryUnited States
TeamsLCHR All-Stars (A team)
Bruisin' Betties (B team)
Ashley Riverdolls
Holy City Heartbreakers
Swamp Foxes
Track type(s)Flat
VenueIndoor Sports of the Lowcountry
Org. typeLLC

Lowcountry Highrollers is a women's flat-track roller derby league in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 2008, the league comprises over 30 active skaters, referees, and non-skating officials as of 2019. The Lowcountry Highrollers roller derby league is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and member league of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).[1]

History and organization

In January 2008, the founding members of the Lowcountry Highrollers made their first contact with a Craigslist ad.[2] On March 22, 2009, the Lowcountry Highrollers had their first game. It was held at the Omar Shrine Temple and was sold out.[3]

In January 2010, LCHR formed a second travel team, the Bruisin’ Betties. Their first bout was January 23, 2010. On April 18, 2010, LCHR debuted their newly formed home teams, the Holy City Heartbreakers and the Swamp Foxes. The Holy City Heartbreakers defeated the Swamp Foxes in the first LCHR home team bout. On April 24, 2010, LCHR became the #2 roller derby league in the state of South Carolina by defeating the Richland County Regulators.

The third LCHR home team, the Ashley Riverdolls, was formed in 2011. In January 2011, LCHR entered the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Program,[4] and also began a junior roller derby league for skaters between the ages of 12 and 17. On February 13, 2011, LCHR hosted their first home game of 2011 with over 2,500 fans in the seats. In November, LCHR began a recreational team, and on December 1, 2011, LCHR became the first Women's Flat Track Derby Association league in the state of South Carolina.[5] Lowcountry finished 2011 with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. In the South Carolina State Championships, they finished second in the state.

In 2012, the LCHR All-Stars travel team finished the season with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses, while the Bruisin' Betties B team finished with a record of 5 wins and 5 losses. Although the Ashley Riverdolls won the most home team bouts this season, the Holy City Heartbreakers won the final championship tournament.

As a business enterprise, the league is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation.[6] Lowcountry Highrollers donate a portion of bout proceeds to a different local charity.

WFTDA rankings

Season Final ranking[7] Playoffs Championship
2012 29 E[8] DNQ DNQ
2013 82 WFTDA[9] DNQ DNQ
2014 123 WFTDA[10] DNQ DNQ
2015 117 WFTDA[11] DNQ DNQ
2016 153 WFTDA[12] DNQ DNQ
2017 208 WFTDA[13] DNQ DNQ
2018 245 WFTDA[14] DNQ DNQ

In media

LCHR's first article was written by the Charleston City Paper.[15] A collection of coverage was produced by TheDigitel.[16]

The Lowcountry Highrollers logo artwork was designed by Hook Advertising.[17]


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