Armor, Body, Fragmentation, Protective, Vest Type, M-52
1967, 27 February,Company C, 9th Marines, Operation Chinhook
Service history
In service1952-1980+
Used byUnited States Marine Corps
United States Navy
WarsKorean War
1958 Lebanon Crisis
Vietnam War
Weight8.5 pounds (~3.8 kg)

M-1952 Flak Jacket was a 20th century American flak jacket. It was used during the Korean and Vietnam wars.


The M-1952 Flak vest, or "Armor, Body, Fragmentation, Protective, Vest Type, M-52" was a flak vest designed for the United States Marine Corps during the Korean war. Following the joint US Army and Marine Corps designed M51 Flak Jacket, the M-52 used aluminum plates instead of Doron.[1][2]


The M-1952A Body Armor was an 8.5 pound vest made up of twelve layers of flexible laminated nylon.[3] It had epaulets, a zip front closure and adjustable elastic draw cords on each side. It had cargo pockets with the left one having a pen compartment.[4]

Combat use

The Marine Corps first used the M-1952 during the Korean War. It reached frontline troops in late 1952, and only in relatively small quantities.[3] They continued to use it throughout the 1958 Lebanon Crisis and during the early stages of the Vietnam War.[5]

The U.S. Navy used them quite heavily in Vietnam, including with their Mobile Riverine Force. The M-1952 was phased out of use by the M1-955 vest during the Vietnam Conflict.[6] The Marine Corps used the vest into the 1980s during training.[7]


Former users


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