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Manair Reservoir

The Maner river or Manair or Maneru (Marathi : मानेर)(Telugu: మానేరు) is a tributary to the Godavari River in India.[1] It is in turn fed by the Salivagu river.[2] This river provides drinking water to Karimnagar, Telangana and also to the NTPC power plant at Ramagundam.

Three Major Projects built on Maneru River

  1. Lower Maneru Dam was constructed at Karinmnagar city of Karimnagar district
  2. 2. Mid Maneru Dam was constructed at Manwada village Village in Boinpalli Mandal of Rajanna Sircilla district.
  3. 3. Upper Maneru Dam was constructed at Narmala village in Gambhiraopet mandal of Rajanna Sircilla district.


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