Me, Gangster
Directed byRaoul Walsh
Screenplay byCharles Francis Coe
StarringDon Terry, June Collyer, Anders Randolf
CinematographyArthur Edeson
Edited byLouis R. Loeffler
Release date
  • October 20, 1928 (1928-10-20)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguagesSound (Synchronized)
(English Intertitles)

Me, Gangster is a 1928 American synchronized sound gangster film directed by Raoul Walsh. While the film has no audible dialog, it was released with a synchronized musical score with sound effects using the sound-on-film movietone process. The film stars June Collyer, Don Terry, Anders Randolf and a young Carole Lombard.[1][2]



During the shooting of the picture, only one copy of the script existed, in the possession of director Raoul Walsh.[3]


Don Terry and Anders Randolph in Me, Gangster (1928)

Don Terry, appearing on his debut in the film, was discovered at Hollywood's Café Montmartre by Fox screenwriter Charles Francis Coe who happened to see Terry and thought of the screenplay he had just completed.[4] However, Coe introduced himself to Terry and asked if he was in the film industry. He gave Terry his business card and invited him to the Fox lot for a screen test. Terry went to the Fox lot expecting only to finally be able to see some film stars. When Terry's screen test came out of the film laboratory, he was signed as the lead in Me, Gangster, the screenplay Coe had just written.[4]

An article in Silver Screen notes that Carole Lombard's casting in Me, Gangster finally eased the pressure her family had been putting on her to succeed.[5] She would go on to become a leading Hollywood starlet in the 1930s.

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