The Prussian Cur
Directed byRaoul Walsh
Written byRaoul Walsh
StarringMiriam Cooper
CinematographyRoy F. Overbaugh
Release date
1 September 1918 (USA)

The Prussian Cur is a now-lost 1918 American anti-German silent propaganda film produced during World War One. It is notable for perpetuating the story of the Crucified Soldier.

Its director Raoul Walsh called it his "rottenest picture ever" for its anti-German sentiment, while its star Miriam Cooper (Walsh's wife) also held it to be the worst film in which she had ever appeared[1].

The film was shot in Fort Lee, New Jersey where Fox and many other early film studios in America's first motion picture industry were based at the beginning of the 20th century.[2][3][4]



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