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Metti Oli
Metti Oli.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Written byStory:
M. Thirumurugan
C. U. Muthuselvan
Baskar Sakthi
Directed byThirumurugan
Creative directorThirumurugan
Theme music composerDhina
Opening theme"Ammi Ammi Ammi Mithithu"
ComposerSanjeev Ratheen
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes811
ProducersS. Siddique
Raja Kaveri
CinematographySevilo Raja
Sarath K. Chandran
EditorM. Jaya Kumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 34-37 minutes
Production companyCine Times Entertainment
Original networkSun TV
Original release8 April 2002 (2002-04-08) –
25 June 2005 (2005-06-25)
Related showsMettala Savvadi
Shubh Vivah

Metti Oli (transl. Sound of the toe ring) was an Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired on weekdays on Sun TV for 811 episodes.[1] The show starred Delhi Kumar, Kaveri, Gayathri, Vanaja, Uma, Chetan, Bose Venkat, Neelima Rani, Thirumurugan, Shanti Williams and Deepa Venkat. It was produced by Cine Times Entertainment S. Siddique, and written and directed by Thirumurugan.The serial has been followed by Muhurtham of Cine Times Entertainment.


The story is about Chidambaram, and about his 5 daughters, who faces various challenges in life.

Chidambaram is a real-estate broker from a small village called Azhagarkulam. He has 5 daughters, Dhanalakshmi (Dhanam), Saroja (Saro), Leelavathi (Leela), Vijayalakshmi (Viji) and Bhavani. The girls' mother had passed away and apart from them, their maternal uncle Bose stays with them as well. Chidambaram is a respected man in the village and his daughters love him. Saro and Bose have feelings for each other unknown to others. Soon proposals starts coming in for the Dhanam and Saro. A prospective groom for Dhanam comes to meet her. He is Manickam. Manickam has a younger brother Selvam and a younger sister Nirmala. All three of them were raised by their single-mother Rajam. Manickam is the most dearest to Rajam and he would do anything for her happiness. The reveal a shock that the eldest child from two families shouldn't marry, and that they want Saro as their daughter-in-law. Chidambaram agrees to Manickam - Saro wedding while Dhanam 's wedding is fixed with Bose. The two couples marry. Dhanam stays in Azhagarkulam while Saro moves to Chennai.

Manickam's house is a small rented house in the city. Rajam's true nature starts to be revealed and soon she starts to torture Saro. Manickam though loving towards her doesn't speak against his mother nor let anyone else to. Selvam is the only one in the house who truly cares for Saro's well-being. He sets up an astrologer who tricks Manickam and Rajam that if the mother-son duo stay together, Rajam's life would be at stake. Fearing this, Manickam moves to a compound house with Saro, with Rajam visiting him regularly. Leela and Selvam, who have been meeting regularly, fall in love.

Viji is the spoilt brat among the girls and is arrogant. She works as a nurse in a local clinic and gets acquainted with a man called Elango. Elango is a married man but hides the fact from Viji to cheat on her for his own pleasures. Despite warnings from Leela, Viji spends time with Elango and in turns of events, she marries him and loses her virginity. Very soon, she learns about his true colors. Saro, who is in Azhagarkulam at that time, fights with Elango's wife and she breaks her relation with him. Elango gets angry at Viji. He tries to kill Viji, only to get stabbed by Viji herself. Bose puts the blame on himself, but Elango's wife bails him out saying that Elango is not good. Viji relocates to Chennai and stays with Saro in her compound. Selvam's love with Leela is revealed to Manicakam and Saro, and they are happy. But things don't turn out well as Rajam threatens to commit suicide if Leela and Selvam marry, thus, Manickam forbids the idea. Leela's marriage is arranged with another man, but Rajam spoils it by spreading fake news about Leela. Saro manages to fix Leela's wedding with a small time businessman Ravi and both families agree. Leela tries to forget Selvam and starts to convince herself.

Gopikrishnan alias Gopi is a man who works in a garment. He gets his bag swapped with Saro's in a bank and goes to return it. He meets Viji and immediately falls in love with her, without knowing her actual name. When Selvam calls for Nirmala, Viji comes out instead and Gopi mistakes her to be Selvam's sister, Nirmala. Fallen in love, he brings his family to see 'Nirmala' but his family doesn't like her. Realizing its the wrong girl, Gopi creates much confusion, angering Rajam. But finally, his marriage is fixed with Viji. Life goes on for all the daughters with their share of ups and downs Dhanam delivers a daughter, Saro, a son, Leela, twin daughters , and Viji , a boy. Bhavani, moves to Singapore for her higher studies. After 5 years the families become well settled and Manickam has been moved to a new house,Ravi gets cured,Bose and Gopi became business entrepreneurs.Finally Chidambaram dies in a car accident and Rajam became a good person and she helds the Bhavani and Murali's marriage and ends with a group photo






The series was filmed in Chennai, Papanasam, Palani, Courtallam, Kanchipuram, Kodaikanal, Oddanchatram, Nerkundram, Kovur, Porur, Mudichur, Muttukadu, Devipattinam, Puducherry and Mumbai in India. The series was also shot in Singapore.

Airing History

Initially the series was aired on 7:30pm on all weekdays due to high TRP ratings the series shifted to 9pm from November 2003.Later the series again shifted to 7:30pm from February 2005



Track listing
1."Ammi Ammi Ammi Mithithu
அம்மி அம்மி அம்மி மிதித்து"
VairamuthuDhinaNithyasree Mahadevan, Master. D. Kiran3:34
2."Manase Manase
மனசே மனசே"
EknathSanjeev RatheenS. P. Balasubrahmanyam9:35


Version 1
Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes Ref.
Tamil Metti Oli
மெட்டி ஒலி
8 April 2002 Sun TV 18 June 2005 Original [5]
Kannada Mangalya
12 April 2004 Udaya TV 2 November 2012 Remake
Malayalam Minnukettu
16 August 2004 Surya TV 2 January 2009 [6]
Hindi Shubh Vivah
शुभ विवाह
27 February 2012 SET 29 June 2012 [7]
Telugu Akshintalu
14 April 2014 Gemini TV 15 August 2014
Version 2
Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes Ref.
Bengali Kanyadaan
7 December 2020 Sun Bangla Ongoing Original [8]
Malayalam Kanyadanam
23 August 2021 Surya TV Remake [9]
Telugu Kanyadanam
20 September 2021 Gemini TV
Marathi Kanyadan
17 October 2021 Sun Marathi
Kannada Kanyaadaana
15 November 2021 Udaya TV [10]



The Metti Oli team won several awards, including the Kalaimamani from the Tamil Nadu State Government.[11]


Metti Oli was one of the highest-rated Indian and Tamil soap opera in its run time which garnered ratings ranging between 23 and 26 TVR.[12] It garnered a peak rating of 50.3 points overall in its runtime.[13] The final episode garnered 45 TVR for Sun TV.[14]

In 2008, the series was later re-telecasted in Sun TV. In 2018, it was re-telecasted in Moon. In 2020, it's rerun in Sun TV during COVID-19 pandemic, the series became one of the most watched Tamil television program.[15][16] It garnered 4.004 and 4.934 million impressions during week 12 and 13 of 2020.[17]


Hindustan Times described Metti Oli as "highly melodramatic" in a review asking for more CID and crime drama instead to be broadcast.[18]

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