Middle cardiac vein
Base and diaphragmatic surface of heart. (Middle cardiac vein labeled at bottom.)
Drains toCoronary sinus
ArteryPosterior interventricular artery
LatinVena cardiaca media,
vena cordis media
Anatomical terminology

The middle cardiac vein commences at the apex of the heart. It passes posteriorly along the inferior interventricular sulcus to end at the coronary sinus near the sinus' termination.[1]



The middle cardiac vein commences at the cardiac apex (here, it is contiguous with the great cardiac vein, thus forming - along with the coronary sinus - a complete venous circle).[1]


The middle cardiac vein has a constant location on the surface of the ventricles.[2]

Clinical significance

The middle cardiac vein is useful for epicardial access to the inferior side of the ventricles.[3]


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