Miyoshi Nagayoshi
三好 長慶
Portrait of Miyoshi Nagayoshi
Head of Miyoshi clan
In office
Succeeded byMiyoshi Yoshitsugu
Personal details
BornMarch 10, 1522
Yamashiro Province, Japan
DiedAugust 10, 1564(1564-08-10) (aged 42)
Kawachi Province, Japan
Spouse(s)Hatano Tanemichi's daughter
RelationsMiyoshi Yoshikata (brother)
Atagi Fuyuyasu (brother)
Sogō Kazumasa (brother)
Miyoshi Yoshitsugu (adopted son)
ChildrenMiyoshi Yoshioki
FatherMiyoshi Motonaga
Military service
Miyoshi clan
RankDaimyo (Lord)

Miyoshi Nagayoshi (三好 長慶, March 10, 1522 – August 10, 1564), eldest son of Miyoshi Motonaga, was a Japanese samurai and daimyō who was lord of the Miyoshi clan during the Sengoku period. Nagayoshi held the court titles of Shūri-dayū (修理太夫) and Chikuzen no Kami (筑前守), and was also known by the more Sinic reading of his name: Chōkei (長慶). During his tenure, the Miyoshi clan would experience a great rise of power, and engage in a protracted military campaign against its rivals, the Rokkaku and the Hosokawa.[1]

Following his death, Nagayoshi was succeeded by his adopted son, Yoshitsugu (the son of Sogō Kazunari, his younger brother). Nagayoshi died in Iimoriyama Castle in 1564.[2]


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