Mooka Line
Mooka 14 DMU at Mashiko Station, April 2006
OwnerMooka Railway
LocaleIbaraki, Tochigi prefectures
TypeHeavy rail
Line length41.9 km (26.04 mi)[1]
Track gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)

The Mooka Line (真岡線, Mo-oka-sen) is a Japanese railway line connecting Shimodate Station, in Chikusei, Ibaraki and Motegi Station in Motegi, Tochigi. It is the only railway line operated by the Mooka Railway (真岡鐵道, Mooka Tetsudō). The third sector company took over the former JR East line in 1988. In addition to regular diesel local trains, the line also operates the SL Mooka steam service for tourists using C11 and C12 class steam locomotives.


Rolling stock

(As of October 2022)[1]


Station Japanese Distance (km) SL Mooka SL・DL Rapid Transfers Location
Shimodate 下館 0.0 East Japan Railway Company (JR East): Mito Line
Kantō Railway: Jōsō Line
Chikusei Ibaraki
Shimodate-Nikōmae 下館二高前 2.2  
Orimoto 折本 4.6  
Higuchi ひぐち 6.5  
Kugeta 久下田 8.5   Mooka Tochigi
Terauchi 寺内 12.6  
Mooka 真岡 16.4  
Kita-Mooka 北真岡 18.0    
Nishidai 西田井 21.2    
Kitayama 北山 22.9    
Mashiko 益子 25.1     Mashiko, Haga District
Nanai 七井 28.4    
Tatara 多田羅 31.2     Ichikai, Haga District
Ichihana 市塙 34.3    
Sasaharada 笹原田 38.1    
Ten'yaba 天矢場 39.2     Motegi, Haga District
Motegi 茂木 41.9    

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