The centerpiece of the New York Yankees Museum is the "Ball Wall", a collection of autographs of current and former Yankees players.

The New York Yankees Museum is a sports museum located at Yankee Stadium on the main level at Gate 6. It is sponsored and presented by Bank of America[1] and is dedicated to baseball memorabilia for the New York Yankees.[2] It is a key attraction at the stadium, which opened in 2009.[3]


When the Yankees developed the new stadium, the museum was in its plans. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión, Jr. called for the museum to function as a "Cooperstown South".[4]


A "Ball Wall" features hundreds of balls autographed by past and present Yankees, and there are plans to eventually add autographs for every living player who has played for the Yankees.[2][5] The Yankees Ball Finder, a touch-screen computer in the museum, allows the viewer to look for Yankees alphabetically to find the location of their ball on the "Ball Wall".[6]

The centerpiece of the museum is a tribute to Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, with a commemorative home plate in the floor and statues of Larsen pitching to Yogi Berra.[2][7] Along with a facsimile of a current locker from the Yankees' clubhouse, fans can view the locker of Thurman Munson, which sat unoccupied in the previous stadium's Yankee clubhouse in honor of Munson.[2][8]

The final pitcher's plate and home plate used at the old stadium was the first at the new stadium; following its use, it was moved to the museum.[9]

For the 2011 season, the Yankees added a showcase of World Series rings.[10] During the season, they opened an exhibit to honor George Steinbrenner, who died the year before.[11][12] The baseball uniform that Derek Jeter wore during the game he achieved his 3,000th hit is in the Yankees Museum.[1] The museum also has three of the eight authenticated Babe Ruth game-worn uniforms, including the uniform from his called shot, game-used baseball bats, and his 1927 World Series ring.[13]

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